Show feelings, playing Youchi, see investors how to play bad business circle


has a "magical girl" the 17 year old entrepreneur Wang Kaixin recently, because of the business model and data have serious problems, by the media and flayer, which causes the venture capital circles are discussed: "this can get investment?" "investors now is not money people stupid ah… This topic,… Venture capital has become a circle of each month will be a topic of menstruation and stir fry"". If you still think so, it is too naive, investors put everyone around the game.

why these apparently not reliable entrepreneurs, but always have the risk of investors? Risk investment should not try to avoid risk, return on investment? Why investors like a child molester like love "Youchi," don’t stop chasing the immature PPT alone flicker out of young entrepreneurs


investors are not afraid of no project, but not famous

an entrepreneur who had Tucao said, investors do not fly to those who do not hit the money so much money, as if the money is not the same as their own." He’s right, first of all, we have to understand one thing, venture capital institutions to invest in entrepreneurs, not their own. Venture capital institutions need to raise funds through.

generally, the money is all fund partner to convince investors to raise the nouveau riche, the nouveau riche is called LP (Limited Partners) – limited partner. Because money is the uncle, the late return on investment, LP will take 80% of the total income of the fund, and the agency can only take 20%; other institutions will charge 2% of the overall size of the fund management fees, for example, an early stage venture capital fund of RMB 2 hundred million, then the annual collection of institutions operating expenses is 4 million yuan (200 million *2%=400).

as long as they can raise funds, investors have already made money. The tragedy is that the current investment risk China market is not mature, ability to invest too much (even if the United States Agency Co., 95% investment institutions also do not make money, just in Chinese worse), now most concerned about most investment institutions, is not a good project to obtain high returns, which is how to make institutions get attention, in order to get more capital raising.

China venture capital environment is particularly strange, one of the most afraid of a venture capital investment is not a good project, but the fear that the agency did not fame, which directly affects the scale of fund-raising." An investment partner and I had opened. "LP (limited partner) is the most traditional industries made money do not understand the Internet nouveau riche, venture capital, but look at Ali and beauty group, by such a high return on investment business story very envious, want to participate in one, but they can not make judgments, and finally to see who were the first loud who gave money to help investment." The institutional partner added.

and investment after 90, 95, is undoubtedly a good side of the investment institutions to get attention

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