Wang Tong how to build a personal brand

this is a fan economy era

this is an era of integration of resources

want to quickly become a master of integrated resources, you first need to build their own brands, with their own personal brand, fans and resources will automatically increase to you.

if you create a personal brand?

I have a systematic strategy that has helped many people to become influential people in the vertical field within 3 months.

specific operation with the following five steps:

first step: positioning

second step: thinking

third step: weapon

fourth step: to promote

fifth step: operation

first step: brand positioning

selection is more important than effort, in the process of positioning the individual brand, the need to maintain the following three principles:

1, market demand

2, the competition is very small

3, I like

on the Internet, in any field are: only the first, no second. Therefore, only the choice of market demand, competition is very small, you have the opportunity to quickly become the first in this field.

, at the same time, their love is also very important, if you do not like things, do a period of time, you have no passion. If it’s something you like, you can do it well.

how to do specific positioning it?

this is the use of big data for market analysis, specific methods will be published in my next article in the original, we pay more attention to my WeChat public number: tongwangnet on OK.

second step: brand thinking

want to be more and more famous in a field, you need to have a set of their own ideological system, and then spread out the ideological system, you will automatically become more and more famous.

brother believes:

class brand idea, second brand name

Look at the history of the

River, really can not go but have those high officials and noble lords, his thoughts of the expert.

how to design a unique set of ideas in a vertical field, it needs to do the following:

1, understand philosophy

2, understand professional

3, understand psychological

only three combination, in order to plan a set of easy to understand, easy to spread the idea, I have helped a lot of different areas of the master to plan, will gradually share.


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