Network promotion personnel should pay attention to several requirements

one. Define the definition of network promotion:

is now a lot of people all day that many network promotion methods he understood, in the enterprise is the enterprise personnel when they are asked about what network promotion methods; they will set out a lot of network promotion methods. What community promotion, Forum promotion, soft Wen promotion, QQ promotion, mail promotion, viral Promotion — and so on! Listen to the personnel department personnel are dozing off. And when the personnel department asked: what is the network promotion may be rendered speechless this is a example! I said, as I have an interview on encountered such a person. Now think about it, it’s still very interesting.

what is the network promotion: network promotion simply said, is the use of the Internet for some enterprise brand, product, service, personal promotion.

two. Make sure you want to promote the project audience groups

Whether it is

or SEO or network marketing, network promotion or other projects, the individual feels to clear their own audience, explicitly assembled by the user of the site. A lot of network promotion novice in promoting their products when they see a place where people can send ads, do soft Wen promotion. For example, these two days in my circle of Shaanxi, there are a lot of people to release some of the beauty or entertainment games, such as advertising, I have to clean up. I want to change to do other webmasters will also do so. This I feel they would not recognize their potential user groups. Only after defining their own user groups, to come up with a suitable project network promotion scheme.

will be more effective!

three. Network promotion must have a strong execution

any person to do one thing if all talk. When put into practice but feel very difficult, careless of me to say that do things carelessly, this person is simply not suitable for network promotion, network promotion is not to say that you know how many network promotion methods, your eloquence how good, how good is (of course, network promotion is a must have good writing) network promotion is a very hard work, because the company’s brand, service, project etc. all you need to go to the propaganda on the Internet is spread only.

four. Be good at catching the hot spot is the network promotion personnel necessary quality this I have already stated, I am not here to say.

five. Network promotion personnel should understand the basic knowledge of SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is mainly aimed at a search engine technology. But at present, Chinese Internet users and the world Internet users access to information channels are mainly through search engines, they are not willing to get the information inputting domain name, and love to get information by life more common words or a sentence. So the network popularization personnel if necessary to understand SEO knowledge, will be more conducive to the network to promote the work of your


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