My opinion on planning and promotion

from the first contact site business, from the initial static space NetEase now Edong space, go a long way, of course, many detours, which also makes a lot of summary, as many in the model essay net work summary, I have to admit that we Chinese writing these summary there is a role. Now responsible for site construction and planning promotion, think it should be necessary to once again to the past and foreign development planning to do the thinking, ha ha, to say the big point, called the site’s strategic planning.

a, website construction thinking

is now the current online authority web content management system, content management system CMS is usually said, (I ASP, this is the most widely used, so in this respect) should be considered the most authoritative PowerEasy management system and inspection management system. You can use these two systems to make a variety of Web sites, as long as you can design the style template you want, then these two systems can give you the site you want to do. NetEase like portals such as Sina, to do with the inspection management system, it is very easy. Some time ago to the Hangzhou Youth Entrepreneurs Association website is also the use of dynamic and easy management system version 3.51.

Liu Zhenghua said yesterday that the site is the best program to do their own, so there is the spirit of the blog, of course, I encourage the original, but I do not advocate blindly immersed in their own work, and behind the pace of the times. Like now Chinese, without warning and buying foreign advanced technology, but also engage in their own research and development, this gap will widen, but should consider the interests of their own development, if the cost is greater than abroad, so as to direct the introduction of good. However, we have to study foreign high-tech core technology, because foreigners can not sell you. The back of our website, online CMS system have strong ready for us, we can do so by short time we want to make the site, why should we blindly develop their own procedures, and their CMS system development experience for a long time, from the initial version of the V1.0 is gradually moving forward can be said to be more perfect. Of course, we get some free version of the function is not complete, after all, people rely on this line to eat, the charges are for granted. We now do is to profit, profit by means of website content, and not on the site, so from the view of management science, this program can be saved, because he did not give us the greatest effect. Now almost all the website forum is the use of dynamic network forum or PHPWIND, why don’t they develop their own forum, because there is no need to develop, so the same site uses CMS system ready why not


two, website content construction ideas

is now mainly rely on the site’s search engine to search, we are no matter whether to buy keywords to promote. Search engines can be found on the web site, the most important thing is the site content. If the site content is scarce, even if you have a high

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