How to build the image of people first by independent blog

in the current business development and competition, good customer intelligence maintenance has become a business knowledge from large enterprises to small enterprises are pay attention to this point, the simple point of customer maintenance is also dealt with customers and maintain the good relationship between enterprises and customers, keep the enterprise for the user attractive, promote consumer behavior customer follow-up. The customer maintenance means, the Internet has already become the enterprise value and the use of effective means, from the official website of the enterprise to the enterprise official micro-blog, to enterprise QQ, the good way is maintaining relationships with customers and interactive.

With the

network show in the form of diversification, the rise of independent blog provides another new, a new and innovative new forms of innovation to the enterprise, because the independent blog has its own template features, independent management, full customization, template modification is simple convenient and flexible compact and easy to innovation is where it the advantage of. Relative to the directory hierarchy is various, deep CMS type website, independent blog show its lightweight and compact; with respect to hosting blogs too limited, independent blog shows its independence and control, can be envisaged to enterprise management and operation, and not to see the custodian’s face. No doubt, in the use of independent blog to help enterprises to build the image of the people, it is necessary to use and play the following four advantages:

a, style: atmosphere, customized enterprise dedicated template

independent blog with its easy customization and easy to change the hearts of the people, based on this, the enterprise can be selected after ASP or PHP language blog program, exclusive custom, specially set according to the enterprise VI and enterprise image, making VI image fit, unified blog template. Customized templates allow visitors to be attracted by their design at first glance, as a means to convey the spirit and image of the enterprise. In the template, the main color to choose from the design details of the function button image, should pay attention to the unity of style, and the image fit, or use the construction of independent blog the opportunity to create a corporate image VI at the same time, in order to facilitate the interaction with customers, closer together, proposed enterprise

two, layout: make important information more prominent eye-catching

enterprise with independent blog customer maintenance process, to give full play to its advantages of easy adjustment and layout design, such as picture elements into the design, exquisite eye-catching in the list above, so that visitors in the first time to reach the site of these elements can be drawn. Combined with the enterprise needs to make a product or service to show the layout design of the layout, so as to make full use of the first time so that visitors can get important information of enterprises want to transfer, to achieve efficient information transfer and exchange, but also to the layout of the novel and unique design of the independent blog has a visitor attraction image.

three, content: full featured and anthropomorphic style

in order to enhance enterprise

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