The law of vertical business platform known fruit A $3 million 700 thousand round of financing

NetEase Francisco April 21st message, vertical business platform legal field of domestic intellectual property known fruit "today announced the acquisition of latitude China collar vote, legend of the star with the cast A round of investment, financing totaling $3 million 700 thousand, the valuation of 100 million yuan.

in June last year, Lenovo star fruit known to get angel investment.

fruit known network founder Liu Sisi said that a new round of financing will be used to increase the investment market, let more enterprise users know and enjoy trademark registration services free of charge, will also increase the personnel to expand and perfect investment products.

Liu Sisi said that since May last year on the line, known fruit has been completed nearly 20 thousand orders, registered users exceeded 20 thousand, the cumulative turnover exceeded 10 million, and is expected by the end of 15 years will exceed 100 thousand orders.

Jingwei Chinese partner Xiao Min said, is the only known fruit choice Jingwei investigated all legal business platform after the project. Liu Sisi, founder of the team as the core shows the depth of understanding of the field of legal services, as well as superior execution, while continuing to improve the business services market, contributed to the current round of investment. As the angel round of investment legend of the star, is also very optimistic about the prospects for the development of the known fruit, to continue with the vote. (Yi Ke)

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