Why the strong electricity supplier online game gene

in the Internet investment community has a piece: business is "wolf" in the story of the child, as long as the business started crying wolf, the wolf really came. This means that, as long as the electricity supplier bigwigs involved in a particular industry, then the industry in a period of time, will be booming. For the precise investment, the speech slightly ridicule, but, in fact, we carefully recall. That’s what it is.

For example,

before and after 2010, with the full replacement of intelligent mobile phone to feature phone, apple hot air swept the world, various electricity providers have launched smart mobile phone and Internet leading brand, but is with the way of cooperation, Tencent and Amagatarai launched W808WiQQ intelligent mobile phone, the Alibaba launched Ali cloud intelligent mobile phone, Baidu and DELL cooperation Baidu launched a mobile phone trading platform, after two years, self-made electricity supplier launched mobile phone, not only mobile phone manufacturers with the electricity supplier of mobile phone fast, and electricity providers also opened up business areas, the development of mobile phone market China for two years, everyone is obvious to people.

logistics industry is the case, the first is Taobao trapped in the logistics company’s price increases as well as inefficient, began self logistics. Tencent then inject 200 million yuan full peak courier, low-key access to logistics. With the United States mall and suning.com to enter the field of electricity providers, their own logistics advantages, it is disrupting the original pattern of the logistics industry. Today, not only a small increase in logistics costs, and efficiency and competitiveness, have been improved.

In addition to

, the electricity supplier bigwigs also tried to enter the field of social media. The results of these internet field, nearly two years of development, really make people sit up and take notice.

now, electricity providers began to enter the field of online games. Gome online gaming platform Gome officially launched today, in fact, long before the United States to enter the online games, Taobao and Jingdong have launched "Taobao The early bird catches, game platform, Jingdong is launched online transport channel. At present, in all the electricity supplier chiefs, only suning.com has not launched a gaming platform, the major electricity supplier seems to have the potential to network game platform fight to win or die.

this is not only confusing, the online game industry is really so tempting, so that the electricity supplier can not control the sale of goods


consensus: online games market a blue ocean

if the electronic commerce over the past 5 years is a high voice for money, then the gaming industry is muffled fortune, online games from 2003 entered a rapid development stage, not only contributed huge profits for the online game company, and a number of companies rely on online games occupy the top spot in the Internet, which is NetEase and grand, and online games market showing a growing trend. E-commerce companies rely on capital operation ability, large footprint across all areas take cities and seize territory, Internet, payment, logistics, new media and so on, but only the gaming industry, especially the online web and mobile games, can be said to have.

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