Best ASP.NET virtual hosting space recommendation

since the advent of Microsoft Corp ASP.NET technology, more and more ASP.NET sites are also beginning to appear on the web. Thus, the ASP.NET site is loved by many people. Of course, it is essential to have a good ASP.NET host to do a ASP.NET site. Today Xiaobian to recommend a friend to the best ASP.NET host space – host 91.

host 91 host ASP.NET since officially put into use in the industry can be said to be well received. Host 91 is a strong strength of the Hongkong host, for several consecutive years was named "best Hongkong host", at the same time they invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the ASP.NET host, is to give all users of their host ASP.NET to provide the best quality service.

below to give you a specific description of some of their ASP.NET host data:

Xiao Bian think the above configuration is very strong, very few can reach the host configuration, and they are rare in the industry very high cost of the host, host only 390/ years of professional grade can be used immediately ASP.NEI host space. Cheap and fine!

perfectly compatible with all versions of


host 91ASP.NET host can be very compatible with ASP.NET v1.1/v2/v3.5/v4, and also can be a good use of ASP.NET MVC v2/v3/v4 and other versions. Hongkong host powerful configuration allows users to easily and smoothly run.NET program, and MSSQL database 100% intact combination, site access speed, while supporting parallel access.

99.9% normal running time guaranteed

this guarantee is their commitment to the terms of service, so that the user can use the host space 100% confidence. More than 99.9% of the normal operating time guarantee. ASP.NET host computer room is located in Hongkong, mainland China to provide high-speed connections to ensure the stability of access. Out of the user responsible attitude to host 91 all servers are using DELL Xeon server, good stability and security to ensure that users use the host.

free record host

91 host ASP.NET host is the host station completely free for the record, in the mainland to consider the customer’s point of view, from the mainland customers for trouble, users will not need to be recorded on the line, and the user site not to worry because the problems caused for the normal operation of the site can not.


in order to allow users to try the highest cost performance, the best quality of the ASP.NET host, host 91 provides the best configuration of the lowest price ASP.NET host only >

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