After graduating from the school dog FA Daguai upgrade year to grow diary

wrote an article "graduates in three months" entrepreneurial companies last year, the last mentioned "CEO recommended me to a large Internet financial company, not an interview, uncertain, but I am confident about the future, shots a few days, I will take to offer smoothly in this, the Internet financial company equity investment department (FA Finance Advisor, a financial adviser) work, I want to have in the past one year, what to write and read their precipitation, let people get what inspiration.

had predecessors and I said: "happiness is something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to, there is a hobby where the work is very important, otherwise it’s a white busy.

before I put CEO’s circle of friends, micro-blog, henhenlu reported two times, during the interview to CEO is caused by resonance, I was the chosen one (not recommended to boss interview too, but was too eager to get the offer so the Countermeasures). The smooth entry, my salary should be one of the lowest in the industry, after all, is my own back, tears will dry out the results (at the time the interview himself said money is not a problem, solve the food and clothing on the line, that young interview should strive for more reasonable rights, not too wronged own). I want to become a finance manager, this position is more salesman nature, the job is to find the need to finance the quality of the project, and the project signed a FA agreement.

in this industry is full of people, you must be diligent and clever but practitioners are necessary but not sufficient condition, try not to be useful, but do not work hard will not.


not long after graduating from three children (no background, no contacts, no resources), every day thinking about how to get the project (channels), how to obtain high-quality projects (judgment), how to obtain high-quality projects and the signing (Communication), let friends recommend them entrepreneurs to my project, uneven; just search online financing to complete projects and get in touch, someone indifferent to you; actively participate in financing roadshow, the majority of the project has been signed, of course, when you have no way smarter than others, you will be more hard to implement soil solution. Project channel, judgment and communication skills are the most basic survival skills for all the employees in the primary market.

entrepreneurs are mostly alone, can not let the family worry about yourself, not to let employees know the pressure, do not want to let friends know about their situation, in fact, FA is the best listener entrepreneurs.

Although the efficiency of

is very low, but still recognize a bunch of different styles of entrepreneurs, there is no lack of officials of the two generation, rich generation, former well-known business executives, etc.. Later, most of them have become the cornerstone of my partner, many have become their talk friend. They do not have any industry background, listening to entrepreneurs to elaborate on their team, business model, financing planning, and profound understanding that only to make themselves stronger, >

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