A river finally advertising alliance!

I remember posting more than two years ago and he discussed the issue, he said, the league is too difficult to do, there is no plan to do (the effect of it, too lazy to search the old posts)

, however, today suddenly saw a "51.la" of the alliance, can be said to be reasonable in the unexpected…

reason — I want it in the field of statistics status and strength is one of the best, but for the majority of individual users, the basic services are provided free of charge, as more and more data, consumption has been great, how from the right hand to win the appropriate profit to maintain service and improve service quality, of course, is a a big problem, we all know that the purple field, but IDC is too difficult to do, but the purple tin go is like profit model…… Cut the crap, so how to play the khuong statistics users (probably the most used Chinese statistical service webmaster world) the role of the alliance is the best? Do this, said before, I want a river or in the position of the heart is the webmaster of many other advertising can not be compared, this is an advantage, should certainly be used. Besides, the League well, but also a win-win thing, Why not?


that is unexpected, naturally – advertising alliance is not good to do, and more and more difficult to do. In the end, the alliance earn what money? I am not referring to HeiXinQian! Khuong and Baxter just launched, but have to say, most of the existing and the existence of the alliance, the majority comes from the A webmaster profit earned (of course, some owners are not clean, publishers through B A money), that is to say, is the unspoken rule – alliance to A money, or not what the same profit! GG OK? Isn’t he A not?. Simply, I want to know how to wade this muddy water river, is to come out of the dirty mud unsoiled or fish in troubled waters……

come out of the dirty mud unsoiled, very difficult, because you may not believe you, say it directly, I don’t believe is absolutely fair (for advertisers and publishers) alliance, even all I want out of the river and a brand of trust and trust, but also the pressure too big, rules, management, identification and processing of financial cheating, the public pay, a series of problems…… So, how difficult! Simply, even a river or Baxter really do come out of the dirty mud unsoiled, it can survive in the Internet in a large VAT? Good? I can’t doubt khuong or Baxter, but I couldn’t doubt the industry and a multitude of stationmaster ""


: I want to fish in troubled waters probably will not go, if so, advertising is not using "51.la’s". A river or I want it is how many years of painstaking efforts to build up the brand, will not necessarily because of a good advertising alliance business may not damage its fundamental.

so I’m really a bit unexpected, but it’s more reasonable because I want to develop, need new business, and

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