The future, the die vertical and socialization is the recruitment website in the future


in the past, the Internet to find work we usually go to qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, ChinaHR etc. the traditional recruitment website, there is a vast amount of information, of course, have to resume massive delivery.

but in recent years we have seen more and more new recruitment site started to enter the field of view of job seekers, and they seem menacing, quickly seize a large market.

is now looking for a job you will be the preferred qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, ChinaHR three giant


it is understood that the early development of the main market for college students, the street network has obtained very good results, as of February this year, the number of registered users exceeded 12 million in July 2011, the street network announced the acquisition of fidelity, New Oriental, and three institutions of ten million U.S. dollars level of financing. I know many students are now looking for work in the use of the street network, and less likely to ignore such website qianchengwuyou, zhaopin.

in addition to the street network for college students and white-collar workers, the main high-end user groups of the sky network, gifted scholar network is also beginning to erode the traditional recruitment website in the recruitment market. The future of the recruitment market will be what form?

on the current situation, the recruitment market there are two main trends, one is vertical, and the other is social.

called the vertical, popular point is to focus on a particular field to meet the needs of a certain type. The development of the Internet industry has become more and more industries have been the trend of vertical or vertical era, the electricity supplier is the most representative of the field. So, the vertical transformation of the recruitment industry play it?

there is no doubt that a major advantage of the vertical is a professional fly. If you only focus on a particular area, then the enterprise will be able to better enhance the recruitment of professional services and targeted. For employers, with a focus on the field of the recruitment website must be more knowledgeable, here to find talent will be more professional, more high quality. For individual job seekers, it will certainly be considered a focus on a particular area of the recruitment site is more likely to provide the recruitment of the company’s favorite information, thereby improving the chances of getting a satisfactory job. Think about it, do you think the service provided by a department store is more professional and reliable, or is it more reliable in a store?

abroad in the field of vertical recruitment has been relatively mature, not only the vertical recruitment site for various professional fields, even specifically for female groups such recruitment sites have been done, and in the country has not form the basic vertical website more influential.

In addition to professional

, vertical development can also help companies reduce costs, improve user reputation, improve recruitment efficiency, etc.. As an old saying goes, Practice makes perfect., when you focus on one area, after a long time of exploration, will be more understanding of the industry rules

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