Garbage station, it is the exit of the stage of history

did not do before they do not know, he did not stand to pay attention to the original, the past few years, the network is full of garbage, excellent personal website less and less. Indeed, it is very difficult to do a good website, especially personal webmaster, more difficult.

so, many owners will join the garbage station, site to make money, not money, who do? Then, pop, virus, advertising everywhere, let netizens discuss the website! If these did not stop the search engine, without your own hair of the link, and who will go to the traffic?? are here! People will not take the initiative to visit your station.

and I do the forum now even if there is no external flow, every day can also have 1000 to IP.. This is a return visit, although the income may not be higher than you. At present, 2000IP every day from GG to 2 to 3 knife. The basic need to pay money, but do not have their own forum, so most updated (hehe, I am lazy!)

here is not to say that my own stand is very good, but, I and my management team is the experience of the forum members in the first place. And I hung the entire forum on a GGAD… Money is not earned, but I believe that the future can be earned! A few months later!

we all know how much time to do the station, endless stay up all night, endless learning, endless thinking, endless worry. Yes, the webmaster is a very hard road, we all know!

, however, with the development of the Internet, the garbage station is still worth living?

I firmly believe that the era of garbage station has passed. Internet users do not like, search engines do not like garbage station.

from Baidu alliance "green certification" as well as some time ago concern new sites not included problems can be seen, the search engine in order to improve the user experience, it need to eliminate garbage station! But the good way and have not found or not do it


will not change the trend of the garbage station. From a variety of phenomena, the search engine in this effort, then, your garbage station and " money " transit?

why not from now on, serious, responsible for the construction of a site, the advantages of the existing transformation. In the future there will be better off? Chinaz.com

maybe I was a young and ignorant boy, so don’t see too much money, yet in the face of life, but also parents. So I don’t want you guys to do that…

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