Qiu Shida English station five days 200P Raiders

for a long time did not write the article, some time ago GG account was closed, the loss of a few thousand knives. A little rest, the next 08 years want to do an English stand to play.

ARY ( in February 16 that day to talk a little about my pay New Year’s call, English SEO aspects of the topic. After he left I immediately registered   reason to register the domain name, because I don’t think of yourself to do what kind of a station. So intend to open a blog on the topic, in the form of some words, in writing, and then get some traffic from search engines. (it is rubbish station, English garbage station).

in the afternoon, ARY helped me open a space in his server (server in the United States), set up a good program (using WORDPRESS). That night began my English SEO trip.

The following is my

to share, how do I do 5 days 200IP (more than 80% foreign traffic), drifting away. Maybe I can master Chinese SEO can also English, but for SEO, I am a super rookie.

my main tool is three:

1.Google Trends: sa=X

2.Keyword Suggestion:


how to use these three tools?

1.Google Trends allows you to understand the trend of search words, similar to the Baidu billboard. But most of the words are likely to be temporary, that is to say when you do go up, it may not concern. I have chosen some feel easier to do from the search results less and less competitive word and write a very food is food articles for these words (although the dish, but it is the original, English station copyright is very important, do not copy someone else’s article)

2.Keyword Suggestion this tool is similar to Baidu related search, used to understand the search behavior of foreigners is very good, the most important thing is that it is free.

3.DIGG: in my eyes it with ADMIN, CAOGEN.CC, CHINASEO.ORG.CN, a feeble place. It allows you to quickly and timely articles were included. The most important, in DIGG users click on the articles you send directly to your original address in two days. Before the station, traffic is mostly DIGG >.

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