March browser market share Chrome beyond Firefox ranked second

IDC network (idcps.com) on April 2nd reported: according to Net market research firm Applications data, in 2014 March the global browser market, Chrome with 17.52% share beyond the Firefox, ranked second, Firefox fell to third, the share of 17.26%, it can be seen that both the gap is very small. In March the global browser version of the market share of TOP10, the chain last month, ranking order has undergone a major change. Please look at the detailed data analysis.


(Figure 1) 2013 to 2014 half of the global browser share chart

by Figure 1 shows that in October 2013 to the first half of this year, IE’s market share of the largest in the year of 2013 in October, was 58.22% in the year of March 2014. Then the curve fell to 2014 of March, the market share dropped to 57.96%.

but when it comes to the fierce competition, non Firefox and Chrome go. In the first half of this year, the market share had been leading Firefox showed a downward trend, in contrast to Chrome, has been steadily rising, so they formed a trend shift. In the back to catch up to Chrome in 2014, the market share of 17.52%, with a slight advantage of the last to go beyond Firefox. In the next month, Chrome is to expand the lead, or be recaptured Firefox second.


(Figure 2) March browser market share map

according to figure 2, IE is still in March, with 57.96% of the market share of the browser market half of the country, and the original has been runner up title of Firefox by Chrome in March and beyond, dropped to third place, Chrome is the new runner up. Then it accounted for 5.68% of Safari with a Opera of 1.2%.


(Figure 3) February global browser version of the market share of TOP10

observation of Figure 3, last month, there have been a lot of changes in the March global market share of TOP10 browser version: the first is the original ranking in the third row Chrome32.0 Chrome33.0 replaced by his brother, he fell down to tenth; Firefox27 increased from sixth last month to fourth, the month amounted to 10.55% and so on.

this month, IE still has 5 versions into the top 10, of which IE8.0 market share of 21.1>

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