Wanda spent 8 million annual salary to do the electricity supplier CEO left


, according to reports, Li Jinling stationed in February 2016 Wanda electricity supplier as CEO, after the original mango CEO, also worked in elong, Procter & Gamble, Silicon Valley power, Motorola, Pepsi and other companies.

According to

billion state power network understanding, conducted by Li Jin, Wanda electricity supplier has been replaced two CEO.


April 2012, intends to enter the electricity supplier Wanda, served as the headquarters of Google technical manager of e-commerce Alibaba, senior director of international trading technology as Gong Yitao, Wanda electricity supplier CEO, the annual salary of 2 million. Gong Yitao announced his resignation in March 2014. After the departure of Gong Yitao recalls: "work experience in Wanda Wanda in the habit of thinking, is the first to emphasize the size and numbers, with standardized management mode is shallow to promote it, and then consider the problems after."

August 2014, Wanda and Baidu, Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement, jointly funded the establishment of a new company in Hongkong, and announced plans to take over the electricity supplier Wanda CEO. A former Wanda electricity supplier executives revealed that the annual salary is 4 million 500 thousand yuan tax policy. June 3, 2015, Dong announced his resignation, he wrote to his colleagues in the resignation letter explained: because his family was sick, he had to go back to Australia to take care of."

Gong Yitao and Dong CE have one thing in common, has a strong technical background and experience, the main task is to build a business platform and supporting system of the Internet, Gong Yitao tenure launched Wan ibusiness launched fifast Dong policy network. Wan ibusiness poor performance, turn to the main electricity supplier Wanda fifast.

industry insiders believe that the more involved system, Wanda Electricity Department, Wanda electricity supplier is difficult to be achieved, and the occupation managers and the understanding of the electricity supplier Wanda senior executives, frequent replacement is also reasonable.

2015, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said at a conference, Wanda electricity supplier once recruited some Internet born, later found that "they come just to sell things, can not find the feeling." In the development plan of Wanda, the electricity supplier is not a pure sales oriented, it undertakes the task to Wanda Plaza passenger into Wanda membership system, data mining and membership system, to make financial and cultural, sports and other emerging industries.


Wang Jianlin also told the media that, over the past few years, Wanda made a few detours in the electricity business, the biggest mistake is in a company defined in electronic commerce, "the name has a problem, or want to sell something. Tencent, Ali is not the original model, are constantly groping out. We spent two or five years to identify the pattern, so that investors have to see our investment value is willing to come in, it is quite good."

According to

billion state power network understanding, Wanda Group has the latest plan for business, Wang Jianlin in the 2016 work summary revealed that Wanda’s fifast network this year.

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