Baidu children do not actually yellow green search is still yellow fossa navigation

December 14th hearing on December 13th, CCTV, North Korea, the smell of the column broadcast the news of the existence of the contents of the Yellow Baidu children search. Reported that, in the three years of testing the children’s search engine in the, enter the " chat " " passion " and other words, the search results turned out to be a large number of yellow web links. Subsequently, the people’s Daily reporter tried to open the web page, but has been blocked by Baidu Inc, only some children’s Web site address. However, in the Baidu search page in general, sensitive information is still not effectively shielded, pornographic results can easily be searched out.


children to save three years yellow long-standing test failed

according to the "Morning News" reported that Baidu had released these functions, " increasingly feel on the social responsibility, as an important search engine, specially designed for young people to create " children search " the service, easy to use, interesting, is a social public welfare behavior of Baidu the. Baidu hopes in the rich and colorful network world, for young people to open up a green space. "


Baidu children search has been shut down



Baidu search snapshots

, however, according to the reporter, as early as the beginning of the Baidu children’s release, there is the media exposure of the function can be found to search for pornographic content. After three years of testing, the search results are still not improved, before the commitment did not materialize. One netizen believes that Baidu children is a flow of products, do not have any practical significance.


search engine on the poor anti anti government behavior of deaf


reporter in the Baidu search for common " naked " the word of the search results, in addition to the first page two is Baidu pictures and Baidu encyclopedia links, the other 8 are all on the nude chat site, second pages are actually naked chat links. In these sites, a large number of pictures, text is not fit to be seen, some with a Trojan virus. When the reporter input " AV" after the first search results turned out to be a yellow video site, into the site, is still a large number of pornographic pictures and text, and with a large number of video content.


in Baidu search naked keyword, the results of a large number of pornographic links


search in Baidu AV, the results of the first is a yellow web link

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