Double eleven behind the six B2C logistics system inventory

double eleven major electricity providers are struggling to compete marketing ideas, in order to get the most attention to consumers, but sometimes win too much attention is not necessarily a good thing. Electricity supplier competition is from before to after the comprehensive strength, in the case of homogeneous goods, service experience is particularly critical. There is no research shows that: a dissatisfied customer to at least 11 other people to tell a highly satisfied customers should be recommended to at least 5 people around. So there are still much more ability to stop living, otherwise may The loss outweighs the gain.

for e-commerce companies, was presented to the user is the colorful pages, users submit complete screening and orders goods in the above, and determines the competitiveness of the logistics system is back. The strength of the logistics system determines the efficiency of the execution of the order, so as to maximize the impact of consumer experience. So we often see the electricity supplier in the competition between each other’s logistics strength, just retired Ma is also unable to bear the loneliness to spend heavily to build a rookie, in the rise of Jingdong logistics also plays a particularly critical role. Double eleven will be the feast of all electricity providers, is expected to usher in a turbulent flow peak and order peak, which is also a great test of their logistics capabilities.

warehousing, trunk and distribution is the three important nodes of the logistics system, the home appliance manufacturers around these three aspects to build their own logistics system. This article from the three point of view, in the "double eleven" on the occasion of the upcoming situation of the construction of logistics system detailed six major domestic electricity supplier B2C, it can be a glimpse of their competitiveness and future growth potential.

a, Jingdong

double eleven how can slow delivery is the largest double Jingdong marketing this year, the eleven point, he does have the strength of self-confidence. The Jingdong has invested heavily in logistics, all enterprises in the logistics system of the most perfect one, one of which is the important reason to occupy half of the country’s Chinese B2C. In addition, in all six home appliance business, Jingdong is the first to start warehousing, trunk transportation and distribution of all self built companies, and the largest.


1, warehousing: as early as 2007, Jingdong began to build its own logistics system. In early 2009, Jingdong invested to set up a logistics company, began a comprehensive layout of the national logistics system. At present, Jingdong located in North China, East China, Southern China, southwest, central, northeast of the six logistics center covering the national each big city, and set up a two level warehouse in Xi’an, Hangzhou City, the storage area at the end of 2012, has more than 1 million square meters. In addition, Jingdong is currently heavily invested in the construction of the Asia one modern warehouse facilities. Shanghai’s Asia one phase of the project area of nearly 100 thousand square meters, is expected to be put into use before the end of the year, after the completion of the follow-up project is expected to build a total storage area of up to about 200000 square meters. Such as Shanghai large warehouse, Jingdong intends to build 7 in the country.

2, distribution: to end >

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