Sanlu brand network loss was registered the domain name sanlu.com.cn

news March 29th, the domestic well-known food companies have gone bankrupt Sanlu brand’s official website domain name was registered by sanlu.com.cn. Along with the Sanlu’s core assets changed hands, a once brilliant brand disappeared from the Internet, the website domain name as the last object.

"Sanlu" brand has profound meaning: Zhuluzhongyuan is a deer, occupation of the country is two deer, the international sanlu. Sanlu Group after fifty years of rolling development, has now become a collection of dairy cattle, dairy processing, research and development in one of the large enterprise groups, has become the first camp of the domestic dairy industry.

Sanlu’s predecessor was established in 1956, happy dairy cooperative, there were only 32 cows and 170 goats, after 50 years of hard pioneer, now has developed into a set of large enterprise groups of Sanlu dairy, dairy processing, scientific research and development as a whole. In early 2008, Sanlu Group began to receive complaints from the production of dairy products containing harmful substances. In mid September 2008, the country began a large number of consumers due to the production of dairy products produced by Sanlu negative effects. Sanlu then found the public opinion for the increasing pressure, in a strong market impact, the end result of insolvency and bankruptcy.


figure 01 former Sanlu website

Sanlu brand:

before crashing.

January 2008, Sanlu won by the State Council issued the 2007 National Science and technology progress award, to become the only domestic Sanlu dairy enterprises on the state supreme science and technology podium dairy company, Sanlu brand toward the brilliant peak.

in June 28, 2008, is located in Lanzhou City, the first hospital of PLA were the first patient "kidney stones" disease in infants, according to the parents to reflect, children from birth has been eating Hebei Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group produced by Sanlu infant milk powder.

September 13, 2008, the CPC Central Committee and State Council to make arrangements to seriously deal with the Sanlu brand infant milk powder incident, immediately launched the national major food safety accidents of a response, and the establishment of emergency leading group.

in mid September 2008, Sanlu milk powder incident exposure, but also appeared on the Internet a "Sanlu Group Public Relations solutions proposal".

in December 24, 2008, the Shijiazhuang intermediate people’s court has issued a bankruptcy order to Sanlu, the official announcement of the bankruptcy of Shijiazhuang Sanlu Limited by Share Ltd, the liquidation of its assets into the legal process.

February 12, 2009, Shijiazhuang City Intermediate People’s court announced the bankruptcy of Sanlu group. On the morning of March 4, 2009, three yuan to 616 million 500 thousand yuan successfully won Sanlu core assets.

March 29, 2009 4, the San Lu website domain name s>

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