What determines the owners of sorrow

as a webmaster, do the same thing every day, every day to sit next to the computer, the days go on, what will happen?

the Internet from 2003 sites from tens to, is what makes the Internet such a fast development? Is our big boss, from hao123 Baidu included, there have been countless night home site, from the Alibaba listed to the world’s first night, there were numerous industry website to see the Baidu delicious good drink the mood. The Internet is so popular "follow suit", just out of here, where to come, long life and so on, personal webmaster Internet development will become increasingly difficult, the Internet value will become increasingly low, simply can not stop this from happening, I have seen some made a music network, here have a good network to make it the switch to it, the domain name change, I think the hands of Chinese webmaster useless several domain names. These can not explain what waste, CN domain name in 2008, a good number of hands in the hands of the master, in 2009 CN domain name 10, I believe that the hands of the hands of the CN is much less than last year’s hands CN.

web site development is difficult, the advertising alliance is too clever, buckle the amount of water, leading to the owners of the grief is always a reason. The time to look at the https://sp2.img.hsyaolu.com.cn/wp-shlf1314/2016/IMG10300.jpg” />

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