Adsense broadcast after the listing of Ali everywhere millionaire Baidu push hundred hair play

1 guru Ma and his disciples wealth feast: Ali over millionaire  


September 19th, the United States of New York, the Alibaba Group officially listed for trading on the NYSE, Ma holding on the mallet. Figure /CFP

September 19, 2014, for Alibaba group is a day of wealth.

Alibaba group listed on the first day of the New York Stock Exchange opened at $92.7 per share, much higher than the $68 per share issue price IPO.

Ali IPO financing $21 billion 800 million, becoming the largest ever U.S. listed transactions.

recently, overseas mainstream media are in "Ali heat" as the title of China e-commerce make a fuss, the preacher of the image of Ma Yun is also the major television channels broadcast.

as a "leader" Jobs founded Apple myth "reality distortion field" as long as the scene heard "ordinary people China business guru Ma speech, mostly with such experience:" I want to start! "Impulse bursts.

2 ladder network and the collapse of the good network cited hot: online education transformation O2O 

ladder network and the good news of the collapse of the network, causing the education sector for online education bubble period of a big discussion, and difficult to solve the problem of profit model has become the main cause of the troubled industry pattern. In this regard, the New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong believes that the future is not pure internet education, only based on the form of Internet education, he believes that O2O will be a complete combination. In fact, this kind of mode of O2O is being recognized by more and more enterprises in the online education, in addition to New Oriental, science education, science and technology, Shanghai river network, 51Talk, good education is to try experiments based on O2O.

ladder network collapse

triggered the industry bubble dispute

Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan, founder of the ladder to enter the online education network and that the network had shut down the news, will undoubtedly become the focus of attention of industry last week. Due to aggressive too optimistic, front too, spent a few months ago that the company financing ", Gong Haiyan’s two pioneering K12 project all fall, only 91 of online language teachers network platform.

3 Ma’s ecosystem mean what?  

Alibaba listed almost became the most recent collection of Internet, finance as one of the headlines, on the interpretation of Ali’s listing has long been dazzling. For iron brother, do not care who the bell is, how much the stock price, Ali does not care how many employees can share the stock option, which is just as spectators as we talk.

iron elder brother as mobile Internet entrepreneurs