Sichuan May industrial producer price movements

in the process of economic development, can be very good to the relevant departments, timely and effective analysis, is very effective. The following and Xiaobian together to understand, Sichuan May industrial producer price changes!

The factory price

2016 in May Sichuan industrial producer (PPI, the same below) rose 0.1%, rose compared with the previous month fell 0.1 percentage points; 1.7% year-on-year decline, a decline compared with last month reduced 0.6 percentage points, an average monthly decline of 2.8% 1-5.

industrial producer price (IPI, below) rose 0.4%, compared with last month rose 0.1 percentage points lower; 2.8% year-on-year decline, a decline from last month narrowed 0.4 percentage points, an average monthly decline of 3.4% 1-5.

first, industrial producer prices rose

industrial producer prices, production prices fell 2.3%, a decline narrowed last month by 0.8 percentage points. Among them, mining prices fell 8.5%, raw material prices fell by 2.3%, processing prices fell by 1.6%. Subsistence prices fell 0.3%, a decline compared with the previous month to expand by 0.1 percentage points. Among them, food prices rose 0.7%, clothing prices rose by 8.5%, the average daily price fell by 1.9%, durable consumer prices fell by 4.3%.

industrial producer prices, the nine categories of raw materials showed a eight drop a rise pattern. The rose is: wood and pulp rose 1.1%; decline are: fuel prices fell 4.9%, ferrous metals prices fell 2.1%, non-ferrous materials and wire prices fell 4.4%, chemical raw materials prices fell 5.3%, building materials and non-metallic prices fell 3.9%, other industrial raw materials and semi-finished products prices fell 2%, 1.3% decline in the prices of agricultural products, textile raw materials prices fell 1.9%.

two, industrial producer price changes

from the production and living materials, May production rose 0.1%, increase compared with last month narrowed 0.3 percentage points, including: Mining rose 0.4%, raw materials rose 0.1%, processing rose 0.1%; production prices fell 2.3%, a decline from the previous month narrowed 0.8 percentage points.

living data prices were flat, compared with the previous month by the decline of 0.1 percentage points higher, of which food declined by 0.1%, clothing category rose by 2.5%, the average daily category rose by 0.6%, durable consumer goods fell by 0.4%.


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