Smart phone ten brands list

has a smart mobile phone in the current society is not what strange things, because such a demand is large, so that the intelligent mobile phone market has been a big leap of development, the birth of numerous brands. Of course, although the market is very broad, but the leadership of the brand is not much. Here, Xiao Bian will come to reveal the top ten smart phone brand list, so that people can have a more comprehensive understanding of the market.

intelligent mobile phone, refers to such a personal computer, which has an independent operating system, independent operation space, can by the user to install the software, games, navigation and three party service provider, and can be achieved through the mobile communication network. The wireless network access hand machine type.

intelligent mobile phone core technology is gradually mature the core component of mobile phone rapid decline in the cost of mass production, high performance and low cost function module makes the domestic mobile phone prices become more and more civilians, thousand yuan machine with low price for the popular market. A second tier cities, mobile phone users have basically been the latest popularity of smart phone models, the future of the new smart phone market more to the three or four main lines of transfer.

intelligent mobile phone ten brands list NO.1:iPhone (Apple began in 1976 in the United States, intelligent multimedia fashion high-end mobile phone brand, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the global market value / value of large multinational group, Apple Inc)

intelligent mobile phone ten brand list: HUAWEI NO.2 HUAWEI (starting in 1987, leading telecom solutions provider, with innovative technology for private technology companies, employee owned HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd.)

intelligent mobile phone ten brands list: NO.3 MI (millet earlier using the Internet model developed mobile phone operating system model, with the unique culture of fans " " for the ten brands, Beijing millet technology limited liability company)

intelligent mobile phone ten brands list NO.4:SAMSUNG (Samsung from South Korea, Android intelligent mobile phone market leader, involved in electronic / mechanical / chemical / Finance and other fields of large multinational companies, Samsung Group)

intelligent mobile phone ten brands list: NO.5 (HUAWEI glory honor released on 2013 by the Internet mobile phone brands, domestic mobile phone Internet leading brands, providing high price products, more demand for the audience HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd.)

smart phone ten major brands list NO.6: Music (Internet video and mobile)

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