Fujian small and micro enterprises and the three rural financing strategy

we all know that the development of an enterprise, need money in a lot of time on the support, which relates to the problem of financing, only better financing in order to carry out the business, but the life of a lot of small and micro enterprises facing financing problems. In the future, there will be more small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" financing by credit support. The provincial government issued the "several opinions on" establish the policy financing guarantee system is put forward, by the end of 2016, each of the municipalities and districts (including Pingtan experimentation area) at least 1 of the capital of more than 500 million yuan policy financing guarantee institutions; the total GDP reaches more than 30 billion yuan of the county (city, district) at least there are 1 capital of more than 200 million yuan of the policy financing guarantee institutions.

to the end of 2018, the province’s policy financing guarantee agencies or branches to achieve full coverage of the county. 18, 2009, the provincial finance office held a provincial policy financing guarantee system construction work conference to promote the implementation of the opinions.

Why does

need to build a policy financing guarantee system? Provincial Finance Office official said, the province’s existing financing guarantee system to private commercial financing guarantee institutions as the main body, generally small scale, weak strength, anti risk ability is not strong. The government led financing guarantee system is lack of the perfect examination exemption mechanism, and is often unwilling to guarantee the small and medium-sized private enterprises. Therefore, the urgent need to accelerate the construction of the provincial cities and counties three complementary linkage policy financing guarantee system, to provide credit support for private projects.

the "opinions" clearly put forward the quantitative indicators, positioning the policy financing guarantee institutions to adhere to the policy, inclusive and sustainable development, mainly to serve small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" as the object of guarantee rate does not exceed 2% of the maximum, do not receive or collect customer margin, and strive to 2020 guarantee magnification not less than 3 times, the city and county agencies and small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" in the number of households are not less than 60% and 80%.

The establishment of a reasonable risk management mechanism of

is an important guarantee for the sustained and effective operation of the policy financing guarantee system. According to the "opinions", the province will establish a "442" risk sharing mechanism of single family guarantee balance of less than 5 million yuan Small and micro businesses and "three rural" loan guarantee compensatory, local policy financing guarantee institutions, re Guarantee Corporation and bank intends respectively by 40%: 40%: 20% ratio of risk responsibility.

at the same time, the establishment of financial risk compensation mechanism, in 2018 before the provincial finance will be arranged 50 million yuan each year for 4 yuan, with the national special fund jointly formed a scale of $500 million small and micro enterprise credit guarantee compensation funds.

to better play the role of policy financing guarantee institutions, the "opinions" are three support: to speed up the establishment of credit information database, establish "blacklist recommended

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