Some suggestions for imitating station owners

before writing this article, want to ask the webmaster, his ideas do you have? Do you have imitation station (and others station do you used as like as two peas)? Support imitation station? What do you think of your imitation station


in today’s society, the rapid pace of life, making office workers and other networks have a lot to rely on, the brain fuzzy ideas in the mold of a lot, do not know what to think about.


chance, found a program, suddenly thought of, what they want to do, in the service of local consumer platform, we all know that now is a lot of business advertising, media, network hype, new brands, consumers or the member interaction forms half believe and half doubt, consumption sharing platform, it can solve the problem, his feelings are from the consumer shops, the members of their own release, the authenticity of information is greatly improved, it is different with the comment is that the localization operation, accurate information to form video shops, high streets and back lanes, more vivid, more trust. read more

Stationmaster should learn to find the pleasure of doing station, dig website vitality

"very tired, very boring."." This is now a lot of webmaster to do stand feeling. Some owners because of hobbies and do standing, although tired, but may feel very substantial, but also motivated. And some webmaster may because of all sorts of reasons, chose not very popular industry, also is not their own interest, do very hard, and sometimes feel very boring. Especially in the near future, the network environment is bad, the policy balance no longer toward personal webmaster tilt, personal website overall prospect is worrying, some operators are not satisfied with the station, for doing boring station may feel more deeply. At first, full of expectations, a drive, but for a long time, in the face of heavy, repeated promotion work and update optimization, the webmaster’s patience was a little bit flat, and began to weary of day after day to do the station work. But no matter is quietly insisted to insist on his own interests or beliefs, or social employment prospects without living in addition to the website that does not eliminate, are reluctant to leave and struggling, even pessimism spread, dull feeling throughout the body, the webmaster is reluctant to give up the site, this is why? read more

Stationmaster says tell me the bitterness that builds in the station

it’s been a really happy day. Today is not my lottery.. It’s not my birthday, either. Not even I collect money. In September 1st, my life might change for a day like this. Webmaster class navigation website, launched successfully in September 1st, this is a very fortunate thing, like a child, although there is no ability to distinguish this colorful world, but it already has the world


webmaster classroom site navigation is therefore named, 9.1 is the beginning of the new semester. Into the learning phase, the so-called master class is where we learn, there are constantly updated and enriched the content for our study and exchange! Recall the unforgettable build process, I have been doing more mysterious, a few days ago guidance website quickly completed, I was with my those who play well friends say this is not secret secret. Webmaster classroom navigation site, accompanied by my hard years, gave me a great entrepreneurial passion. read more

Webmaster get the maximum reward with the least investment

1. from the Internet domain analysis: the world’s richest man Bill · Gates is the IT industry, Asia’s richest man, Sun Zhengyi is doing the Internet, 2003 Chinese tycoon Ding Lei, 2004 Chinese richest man Chen also are doing the Internet, success in the field of Internet upstart network than is Qqtengxun, such as: Ma Huateng, Ma, Baidu Alibaba Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang, Yang Zhiyuan, YAHOO, Sohu and so on, these people are only about 30 young people, successful entrepreneurs have no time for more than five years; the Baidu Inc in August 2005 created a miracle of wealth, overnight created 7 billionaires, 51 millionaires, more than 240 millionaires, these people are the company’s agents and management personnel, it is difficult to do in other industries; how many areas of the Internet is not a successful asset but the creativity and speed Every two years, and there will be some successful companies out, 2007 Internet advertising will A new force suddenly rises. who’s next, "Baidu"? No matter who it is, don’t cut the field of Internet is certainly not a chance, do the "agent" is the most successful Internet domain into good; read more

The hidden truth of online education the entrance has been in, but your content is not enough

in November 2014 and December two months, a lot of people be taken by surprise things online education, such as adhering to the end of 2014 will close a large number of online education company argument, such as the second half will be ice age remarks, even large institutions continue to hit entrepreneurs confidence behavior, online education chaos hidden behind what


Although it has only been more than a month, the process of re sharing and thinking has been like a lifetime for

. In November 2014 and December two months, a lot of people be taken by surprise things online education, such as adhering to the end of 2014 will close a large number of online education company argument, such as the second half will be ice age remarks, even large institutions continue entrepreneurs confidence behavior, and so on chaos is not much said. Today, first of all, we never tell the truth, what is hidden behind the online education? read more

The main weakness of personality and habits of the referred individual stationmaster

‘s successful website is a product of the owner’s own and positive personality, while the site’s failure is due to the webmaster’s failure to eliminate the negative personality. The most prominent negative personality is shown in the following aspects:

1, the habit of procrastination. This will result in waste of time and sluggish action.

One or more of the basic fears of

, 2, and six. A person’s heart, as long as there is any kind of fear, his website will not succeed. read more

Market competition has always faced the problem before it can succeed

whether it’s doing websites or other industries, competition is inevitable. Between the same industry, between similar sites, are mutual relations, competitors, but also partners, but also colleagues in the wind and rain colleagues. Competition is common, but it takes a positive attitude to win.

between the same industry, due to the coincidence of the market, in order to gain more profits, only as much as possible for more users, competition can not be avoided. But competition must be played in the proper way, suppressing and malicious competition won’t win for you. Between and eBay eBay competition has sounded the alarm for us, even if it is as strong as the global e-commerce site eBay, if a malicious opponent down, do not face the opponent, will eventually be squeezed out of the market. "July 2003, eBay eBay and Sina, Sohu, NetEase, TOM and other portals to reach exclusive advertising agreement. If any of these sites cooperation with Taobao, and other similar sites auction Yabao publicity when eBay to site a hefty fine cooperation." Even so, Taobao made another move, eventually reversing the situation and defeating its rivals, becoming the boss of China’s e-commerce market. read more

Can you afford and can not afford Taobao micro Amoy worth attention

April 11th, at a private opinion exchange meeting, Taobao very low-key release of beta mobile phone products, "micro Amoy."". "Micro Amoy" in Taobao’s internal Taobao mobile terminal is regarded as the first step in social change, and I hope in the mobile terminal to provide users with "stroll" content.

Taobao has been in the social work for users of Taobao 10th anniversary, the theme of the forum is a simple variant, said, Taobao is in the 10 years before the establishment of an ecological system including sellers, engineers, models and other parties involved in the future, Taobao hopes to buyers also deeper into the ecological system, let the buyer not only can complete the shopping and social sharing. Taobao launched before the PC side of social products are not up to the mission, micro Amoy can bear the burden of it? read more

Build new sites, experience Baidu and GOOGLE included problems

in May 18th 3 in the afternoon at Admin5 station sent an article from the construction site to the included 4 day row in GOOGLE the home page of a text, when Baidu for the network without any concrete mixer is included, I search for the word "51jiaobanji", there is no information. When more than five p.m. the end of the day, I use Baidu and Baidu search on the word, and immediately return the results, not that I included this site, but the article included the Webmaster Station, because the article which contains 51jiaobanji. From published to included, Baidu only used two hours, indicating that Baidu’s spider is very active. read more

Linkedn recruitment website model, China is feasible

send resume model rapidly disappearing, on the other hand, social recruitment is steady forward.

Li Songbo

China talent network, labor disputes caused great uproar, but behind the network job recruitment model changes, on the one hand, send resume model rapidly disappearing, on the other hand, social recruitment is steady forward.

One of the best

LinkedIn IPO took the lead in the company, the description of which called themselves "Professional Network", indicates that he is not in the traditional recruitment website, sooner or later extended to the vertical field, tempt the appetite of investors. read more