Where Is My Dashboard Aggregator?

first_imgIn the old days, somebody running a business had a cadre of middle managers who aggregated data about the performance of different parts of the business. They would typically write monthly reports highlighting trends, issues, and exceptions. In a modern, web-enabled, web-centric business, this role is served by the online dashboards provided by various services. The challenge today is aggregating and integrating those services. I see this challenge in the real world from running ReadWriteWeb’s business operations. This gap seems like a good start-up opportunity. Perhaps somebody is already filling it?Here Are My DashboardsIf you looked at my Firefox toolbar, you would see a number of services essential to running the business. In no particular order:Google Analytics,Federated Media (our advertising network partner),OpenX (which serves the ads that we sell directly),Basecamp (for internal project discussions),Relenta (my email-based CRM-lite).I am leaving off this list all of the external news-oriented services that enable me to navigate my canoe down the river of news. I am focusing here on the dashboards for business applications that impact client satisfaction, revenue, and cash flow. ReadWriteWeb runs on SaaS. These services are the mission-critical core of our business. They enable a tiny, reasonably complex business to be managed with minimal overhead (i.e. profitably).More are coming, too. We are implementing a new SaaS-based accounting system that will come with its own dashboard. We are building new revenue-generating partnerships, each of which will have its own dashboard. This is where things can get out of control. Each of these new dashboards will be important, but each will be just one piece of the overall puzzle.Here Is the ProblemIn a word, “integration” (a.k.a. aggregation). I need to log in to each of these services to extract the information I need and then move on to the next one. That is not a huge problem, but it is a hassle and a time-drain. And time-drains take away from the really important things that grow the business.Multiple sign-on is not a problem. Well, it would be if I were more security-conscious. The real problem is data integration.Envisaging the SolutionI envisage something like a start page. I use MyYahoo, but it could just as well be something like Netvibes or Pageflakes. I want to aggregate the services of my choosing and have control over the layout.This aggregator service of mine should allow me to log in to each of my services (securely, of course). If it did that, I would implement a more secure log-in to the aggregator service itself.But I would need control at a more granular level than typical start pages provide. Typical start pages give me control over RSS feeds, but I already get all the RSS feeds from the services I’m on. For example, I get all posts from ReadWriteWeb.If I got every raw data point update from Google Analytics, Federated Media, OpenX, and all my other dashboards, it would be like sipping from a fire hose (i.e. useless).There needs to be API-level access, so that I can select only the data points I need for each service. I should be able to set ranges and get exception reports. This is what middle managers did so well: “Here is the issue you need to focus on now, boss”. I would still need to be able to deep-dive occasionally into an individual service, but my daily dashboard would be this aggregator service.This feels a bit like what PubSub does. My guess is that the XMPP standard may have a role to play in the solution. But now I am straying from my reservation (requirements) into the badlands of technical solutions…The other big requirement is that it has to be small-screen friendly, so that I can easily see it on a mobile screen (hint to all you cool iPhone-toting developers: make this Blackberry native-friendly, please — that is what biz guys use).Reflections on Enterprise 2.0I manage an enterprise. Okay, it is a small enterprise. Okay, it is a really small enterprise! But it is a multi-national (we operate globally), and it has multiple revenue lines, so there is some complexity. As a management team, we are small by design. This enables us to be agile and profitable.I see profit centers in large companies increasingly working the same way.A business is a business. Adding a few zeros to the end of a report does not change the fundamentals. A large business is increasingly becoming an aggregation of a lot of smaller businesses (with or without synergy, the logic may simply be access to cheap capital).If that is how this pans out, the winners will be start-ups that sell to small businesses and slip in the back door of large companies guarded by profit-center managers. They’ll win bigger than the incumbent big vendors that sell to the CIO and other central-overhead managers. Historically, this is how it has always panned out. Microsoft did not start out selling to the enterprise. It made its mark as a pirate, empowering individuals to do stuff on the PC.This reflection is prompted by the news that Oracle is buying Sun and by the vision of a world where all enterprise software is sold by three behemoths. Ahem… baloney!Have You Seen Anything Like This?Surely other people face this issue? So, somebody must have come up with a solution.I’ve seen “SaaS integration” solutions. But they seem overly complex, stuck in the middleware paradigm.My service will have to be consumer-like in its ease of use. Anything that requires an IT department won’t cut it. Perhaps somebody who had built a really cool consumer app that did not solve a real problem or could not be monetized might want to take a crack at this. Or has that person already built one, and I just missed it? Related Posts IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Tags:#enterprise 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowcenter_img Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… bernard lunn Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo…last_img read more

Check Out Philly’s Six James Beard Award-Nominated Restaurants

first_imgThe Philly food scene is on fire — and there’s no greater proof than the city’s recent batch of James Beard Award nominations.Six Philly restaurants and chefs are in the running for the prestigious culinary honor, which celebrates America’s delicious, diverse and sustainable food culture. Fine dining options like Zahav and Vetri Cucina are on the list, alongside Mexican hot spot South Philly Barbacoa.Philadelphia’s 2019 nominees were selected from an impressive pool of semifinalists across 21 award categories, including outstanding restaurant, best chef and best new restaurant.Standouts like Essen Bakery in Queen Village and Suraya in Fishtown were part of the semifinalist round, which 600 judges from around the country worked to cull into the list of more than 100 nominees.Of course, Philly is no stranger to the James Beard Awards. Recent winners include Zahav, Starr Restaurants and Vernick.Check out the list of Philadelphia’s 2019 nominees below. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 6.last_img read more

IOA demands removal of Dow as London Olympics sponsor

first_imgA day ahead of the crucial General Body Meeting of the Indian Olympic Association on the controversial Dow Chemicals issue, its acting president VK Malhotra on Wednesday demanded the company to be removed from being one of the sponsors of the 2012 London Games.The IOA GBM is to meet on Thursday and Friday to take a decision on how to make it be known to the London Olympic organisers the Indian peoples’ protests over a company linked with Union Carbide, which had killed thousands in the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy.Malhotra, however, stopped short of calling for an Olympic boycott by India though he had said earlier that the country ill affords to do so.”Olympics are about love, brotherhood and transparency and this company (Dow) is linked with another which was responsible for killing thousands of Indian people. It’s unacceptable that such a company is a sponsor in the Olympics.So we will ask the London organisers to remove the company from being a sponsor,” Malhotra said.He said the IOA has written to the Prime Minister and Sports Minister about this, seeking advice for coordinated response to the issue.”I have written to the Prime Minister and Sports Minister what actions they are going to take. We are also taking our own action and it is better it is not different from what the government is taking,” he said.Over 15,000 people died and lakhs disabled in 1984 when gas leaked out of a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal.Dow bought Union Carbide in 2001.advertisementVictims of the disaster, as well as Indian Olympians and officials, have been pressuring 2012 Olympic organisers to drop Dow as a sponsor.The United States-based chemical manufacturer will pay for a curtain-style wrap to encircle the Olympic Stadium in east London under a deal announced in August.London Games organising committee chief Sebastian Coe had, however, defended Dow being one of the sponsors, saying that its links with Union Carbide came 17 years after the Bhopal gas leak and it cannot be held responsible for the tragedy.”I understand the human scale of that suffering, but these are two completely different issues. Dow were never the operators or the owners of that chemical plant in 1984, nor were they the operators or the owners of the plant in 1989 when the final settlement was agreed,” Coe had said.”Dow became the major shareholders in that company only in 2001, some 17 years after the tragedy. I feel comfortable after analysing the history of this case,” he had said.With the protests over the Bhopal gas tragedy intensifying, the IOA has been saying that somehow it will have to express the “sentiments of the people”.”The sentiments of the people should be put forth. We cannot ignore them. We have informed the IOC of the protests in India (about Dow Chemical being a sponsor),” Randhir Singh, also an IOC member, said on Tuesday.”IOA president has issued a statement in this issue. But the final decision and modality of how to put forth the sentiments of people will be taken at the General Body Meeting on December 15-16. We will write to IOC if need be,” he said.last_img read more

Video: Two More Ohio State Players Lose Their Black Stripe

first_imgOhio State freshmen standing up at practice.Twitter/@OhioStateFBIn the latest Ohio State football video, two more Buckeye underclassmen officially “lose” their black stripes and become recognized as full-fledged members of the team.At OSU, freshmen must practice with a black stripe on their helmets until they earn their keep. Getting your stripe removed is a major milestone, which this Ohio State football video captures well.Today, on the final day of training camp, true freshman running back Demario McCall and redshirt freshman defensive end Rashod Berry shed their stripe. Both players earned the cheers and admiration of their teammates. Each gave a brief speech after Meyer called them up.Awesome way to end fall camp! Demario and Rashod welcome to the Bucks! pic.twitter.com/I4LEzOKILt— Urban Meyer (@OSUCoachMeyer) August 20, 2016During the week, freshmen quarterback Dwayne Haskins and first-year cornerback Rodjay Burns also had their stripe removed. They joined the first eight players who lost their black stripe earlier this summer or in the springtime.These eight have earned the right to be called Buckeyes. pic.twitter.com/1rPM18wKm3— Urban Meyer (@OSUCoachMeyer) August 13, 2016Congratulations to Demario and Rashod. Buckeye fans, who do you think will be next?last_img read more

Preparations for PEP Completed – Terrelonge

first_imgStory Highlights The Language Arts Performance Task will be held on March 27; Mathematics Performance Task, March 28; Language Arts and Science Curriculum Based Test on April 16; and Mathematics and Social Studies Curriculum Based Test on April 17. Students will sit the Performance Tasks in their classroom under the supervision of a teacher. State Minister for Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Alando Terrelonge, says all preparations by the Ministry for the administration of the upcoming Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations have been completed. State Minister for Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Alando Terrelonge, says all preparations by the Ministry for the administration of the upcoming Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations have been completed.Students will sit the Performance Tasks in their classroom under the supervision of a teacher.The Language Arts Performance Task will be held on March 27; Mathematics Performance Task, March 28; Language Arts and Science Curriculum Based Test on April 16; and Mathematics and Social Studies Curriculum Based Test on April 17.“We want to encourage them and let them know all systems are go. The papers are ready and all our staff throughout the regions are ready… and we expect the nation’s children to do very well,” he said.Mr. Terrelonge was speaking with JIS News during his visit to Jessie Ripoll Primary and the St. George’s Girls Primary and Infant Schools, in Kingston, on Thursday (March 21), to encourage the students sitting the examinations next week.“The Ministry wanted to meet with some of our school principals and grade-six teachers to assure them that the Ministry is excited about the examinations and that we are confident of their success,” the State Minister added.Principal of Jessie Ripoll Primary, Oneil Stephens, expressed optimism about the performance of the 130 grade-six students who will be sitting the examinations.“We try to ensure that they are exposed to 21st century learning skills, and we believe it is an excellent initiative, not only as it relates to their development and movement from primary to secondary school but for the type of citizens that we want for the next generation,” he said.Meanwhile, Principal of St. George’s Girls Primary and Infant School, Valrie Brown, said all the necessary preparations have been made for the 80 students sitting the examinations.“The teachers have been working with them assiduously. They have been giving the students practice questions, they have been doing research and collaborating with teachers from other schools to ensure that we share best practices and ensure that the girls are really prepared as best as possible,” she said.last_img read more

Hudsons Hope wins award for Solar Power Project

first_imgWHISTLER, B.C. – Hudson’s Hope has won for their solar power project at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Community Excellence Awards.The awards showcase municipalities and regional districts that have implemented projects and programs that demonstrate excellence in meeting the purposes of local government in BC. The awards are designed to profile promising practices and to create successful pathways and incentives for others to follow.Hudson’s Hope won the excellence in service delivery award for their solar power project. The District has installed 1550 solar panels on nine municipal facilities, creating B.C.’s largest municipal solar project and making Hudson’s Hope the most-solarized community per capita in the province. Last year, 510 kilowatts of grid-tied solar panels were installed at nine Hudson’s Hope municipal facilities, including the curling rink, arena, District Office, public works shop, tourist information centre, museum, swimming pool, regional fire hall and sewage treatment facility.  Hudson’s Hope received a $1.35 million grant from the Strategic Priorities Fund/Federal Gas Tax Fund through the Union of BC Municipalities for the project.“We are proud to be a leader in electricity self-generation,” says Mayor Gwen Johansson, “and we appreciate the BC Hydro net-metering program that helps us achieve it and make this possible. This project will reduce our Municipal District electrical costs for these buildings by an average of about 60 percent. It will also be a source of community pride and contribute to our long-term economic development. We are thrilled by the benefits that come with our move to a clean energy future.”last_img read more

Comedian poised to take over presidency in Ukraine

first_imgKiev: Ukrainians went to polls Sunday in the second round of an extraordinary election with a comedian who plays a president on TV expected to win in a stunning rebuke to the political establishment. Forty-one-year-old Volodymyr Zelensky’s bid to lead the country of 45 million people was initially dismissed as a joke when he announced his candidacy on New Year’s Eve. But now all opinion polls suggest incumbent President Petro Poroshenko is heading for defeat amid widespread anger over poverty, corruption and war. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USZelensky’s victory is expected to open a new chapter in the history of a country that has gone through two popular uprisings in two decades and is mired in a five-year conflict with separatists in the east. Polling stations opened at 0500 GMT as voters from Ukrainian-speaking regions in the west to Russian-speaking regions in the war-torn east went to cast their ballots. Speaking outside a polling booth in the capital Kiev, Galyna, 81, said she voted for Zelensky. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls”Because I am against Poroshenko,” said the pensioner who refused to give her last name. Zelensky has tapped into widespread frustration over graft, poverty and a conflict with separatists that has claimed some 13,000 lives. But others doubted whether the consummate showman would be able to take on the country’s vested interests, negotiate with the likes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and stand up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Viktoriya Olomutska in Kiev suggested many voted for teacher-turned-president Vasyl Goloborodko, Zelensky’s character in the popular TV show “Servant of the People”, now in its third season and available on Netflix. “People have gone mad,” said the 39-year-old Poroshenko supporter, adding many pinned their hopes on “a fictional character”. Seventy-eight-year-old Maria said it was incomprehensible to her that a majority supported Zelensky. “There cannot be so many fools in the country,” she fumed. “But no, apparently there are!” A survey by the Rating pollster this week showed Zelensky winning 73 per cent of the vote against 27 per cent for Poroshenko. Exit poll results are expected at 1700 GMT and the first preliminary results several hours later. The stakes are high for a country dependent on international aid and seen as a buffer between the European Union and Russia. Poroshenko, 53, has argued Zelensky is a political novice unfit to be a war-time commander-in-chief. On Saturday, Poroshenko made a last-ditch plea to voters, begging Ukrainians to think twice before backing his rival.last_img read more

Take appropriate action against Mukul HC directs RS Secretariat

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi High Court recently directed the Rajya Sabha Secretariat and the chairman of the Housing Committee for taking “appropriate action” against former Parliamentarians for illegally occupying government accommodation.It may be mentioned that an RTI was filed by Arindam Ghosh, an advocate, early this year for illegally occupying government accommodation by former Rajya Sabha MP and BJP leader Mukul Roy for one and half years and not paying rent for six months. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghRoy, who had resigned from the Upper House of the Parliament on October 11, 2017, requested the House Committee of Rajya Sabha for an extension for six months of stay at 181, South Avenue MP Flat, after one month’s concessional period ‘ at market rent’. On the respective dates of February 11, May 2 and June 26 last year, Roy wrote a letter to the House Committee for seeking a further one-year extension after the chairman decided to cancel his extension, but later it was granted. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadHowever, on that matter calling the procedure “illegal”, the court mentioned in its statement, “The rules clearly stipulate that members of Rajya Sabha can retain residential accommodation allotted to them only for a maximum period of one month after resignation/ retirement. The occupation of such accommodations is per se illegal. For that, the replies to the RTI applications reveal that the ex-MPs are being illegally allowed to occupy such government accommodations. Even if it is assumed that such an extension is permissible without regular payment of market rate rent for the period of their extended stay.” On the other side, according to a letter from the Director of Estates in February 2019, the Committee received the last rent in November 2018. However, the court also said that the market rate for Lok Sabha pool of accommodations was determined in 2005. As such the rates cannot be made applicable to MPs of Rajya Sabha. “Such market rates being more than a decade old, are unacceptable as they make a significant dent in the pockets of the public exchequer,” the court statement added. The court further assured of an appropriate course of actions would be initiated by the respondent authorities under the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupation) Act, 1971. Apart from Mukul Roy, names of former Rajya Sabha MPs Rangaswamy Ramakrishna, Rajni Patel and Thomas Sangma are also mentioned in the RTI.last_img read more

Modric doesnt think that this generation is under pressure

first_imgIt has been said that this World Cup is the last chance of the so-called Golden generation of Croatian football around Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic, Mario Mandzukic and Ivan Perisic – but the first one denied the pressure connected with this.The Real Madrid playmaker doesn’t think that the pressure connected with the expectations of this special group of players will affect the somehow as they expect the best from themselves and they are their biggest critics.Modric spoke about his expectations as he said, according to Sports Keeda:“I hope the pressure that you mention will not be an obstacle. It is only right that there are expectations of us, but first and foremost we expect of ourselves more than anyone else.”Luka Modric, Real MadridReal Madrid suffer a Luka Modric injury blow Andrew Smyth – September 12, 2019 Real Madrid have announced that Luka Modric has suffered an adductor injury, which could rule him out of some key fixtures.“Whether this is the last chance or not is irrelevant,” Croatia’s captain replied, before looking forward to Saturday’s opening match against Nigeria.”“Let’s focus on what’s important and that is the first game, then the next game, and then the next game.”“Our first objective is to emerge from the group and I hope we will prove all those epithets right about this generation.”last_img read more