Prepared by UPF Peru On the ninth day of the Holy

first_imgPrepared by UPF PeruOn the ninth day of the Holy month of Ramadan, the Islamic Association of Peru invited UPF Peru to visit the main Mosque of Lima. UPF Secretary General Lic. Jaime Fernandez Tupac co-ordained the visit with Dr Trevor Jones, President UPF Peru and Bishop Jesus Mejia Quiroz, President of AIPD Peru. This was an open invitation to the members of AIPD and the Presidential Council of UPF Peru.It was an inspiring meeting where they shared their Islamic doctrine and exchanged ideas of faith. The sheikh expressed his hope to continue working together in favour of the entire religious community in Peru.The day of the visit to the Mosque we were received by the Sheikh-Iman Ahmed Osman Ali Kassem Ambassador for Peace since 2017.Representatives of AIPD included Bishop Mejia Quiroz, Bishop Juan Carlos Cellis, Reverend Victor Calderon and other guests from their church., the Anglican Catholic Church of Peru. Other guests included Brother Walter Bobadilla of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mr. Adrian Salinas, representative of the Christian Police Association of Peru and Mrs. Maritza Clotilde of the Catholic group Angeles de Custodia.At the beginning all gathered around the dining table and the Sheikh spoke a little about his faith. Then the guests were separated at the time of dinner, men dined on the side of the marquee and women on the other side. Because they are in the month of Ramadan, they traditionally break their daily fast at sunset.Then the President of the Islamic Association came to meet our group and welcomed us. After the dinner the male guests were invited to his office, where shared a little more detail about what it means to be a true believer in Islam. He warmly welcomed us and was very happy that the Ambassadors of Peace are present. At the end of the meeting he presented everyone with books about Islam and some sweets from Arabia (dates) for all the Ambassadors. During the meeting Bishop Mejia Quiroz spoke about our interfaith projects.During the visit Radio Moderna, where UPF has a weekly radio program, broadcast live from the Mosque some parts of the program.All our Ambassadors and religious guests were very inspired by the experience and the Sheikh confirmed his desire to continue working together with the Universal Peace Federation.Dr. Trevor Jones could not be present and was represented by his wife Mrs Faith Jones, President of WFWP Peru, Secretary General Jaime Fernandez reminded the guests of the many years of interfaith work by UPF Peru.last_img read more