Watching Plays Tokyo Metroplitan Theatre is the Place

first_imgThis building located just outside the West exit of Ikebukuro Station is the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. This instisution of compound art and culture possess one of the biggest pipe organs in the whole world. When you hear about “art” or “theatre”, you might think that it will cost much, or it might be hard to understand. At this Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, there are many projects held out to make you feel more familiar with such activities. Organ Playing Workshops, and the Backstage Tours are one of the examples.(The projects might be finished already. Check it out on the Official page)Free concerts by fine musicians were held recently as well, so don’t forget to check the program schedules!!What’s more, there are many other facilities inside this single building. Not much surprise to know that there is a theatre shop, but who would have expected that you can enjoy Bergian beer and Italian Dishes!? Bar and Restaurant for each delight are located inside. Of course you can eat Japanese foods too, as there is a store specializing in Onigiri. Furthermore, there’s the only Japanese theatre post office here, so you can send letters from here to your friends. Fine plays and concerts are waiting for you at this Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. After watching, let’s just chill out with good dishes and drinks. Perfect plan for a weekend, isn’t it?Information大きな地図で見るAddress:〒171-0021 1-8-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toyoshima ward, TokyoPhone:03-5391-2111Office Hour: 9:00~22:00(except closed days)Ticket Price:Check out the website!(English available) minutes walk from West Gate of Ikebukuro Station. Directly connected with 2b exit.Parking Area:Available for 100cars. 300yen for each half hours, and 2400yen max. for a day.You can get a 30 minutes free coupon for the ticket of the day, and 90 minutes free coupon for a receipt showing that you shopped more than 2000yen at the TOBU department store.last_img read more