Scenic 12Day Breathtaking Bordeaux Digs Deep into the Culture Foods and Wines

first_imgFree or reduced airfare is included from major gateways  Boston, January 2017 – Exploring culinary delights is usually the centerpiece of any visit to France’s Bordeaux region and Scenic finetunes the focus on these cherished guest experiences with its 12-day “Breathtaking Bordeaux” itinerary – combining the scenic beauty of the French countryside with an extensive list of activities, explorations and entertainment. Guests get to enjoy numerous wineries including the Grand Cru desert wines of Château Guiraud; and, during a cycling tour, the Sauternes of the 500-year-old winery, Château de Myrat. Other highlights, among dozens, is a hike to Loupiac, the center of the sweet white wine appellation; sailing along the UNESCO-protected Dordogne River; learn about foie gras at a local farm in Bergerac; and indulging in a Mademoiselle de Margaux chocolate and wine pairing. An evening welcome gala in Paris kicks of the trip. Sailings from May through September start at US$6,230 per person, double, and include free or reduced airfare. Continuing to find ways to polish the experience for their guests, Scenic is redesigning their France-based Space-Ships for 2017. One of the most exciting changes is the inclusion of a private cooking emporium offering tailored cooking classes. The new and exclusive Scenic Culinaire is an onboard cooking school using dedicated space that features cooking stations and a cheese and wine cellar as well as real-time cameras and screens to ensure each participant can see every cooking move in detail. Fresh ingredients are sourced from local markets and the cooking instructors will introduce guests to regional recipes based on the itinerary regions. Guests start their adventure with an evening in Paris, boarding a high-speed TGV train the next morning to transfer to the 155-guest Scenic Diamond. Cruise features include the aforementioned cooking classes in Culinaire (plenty of sessions are scheduled, however with class size limits, guests are encouraged to register their interest early); exploring the catacombs of Saint-Émilion’s Monolithic Church; numerous winery visits including Château Franc Mayne, Château Gruaud-Larose, Château Siaurac and Château Lagrange; soaking in the picturesque scenery along the Garonne River; enjoying the custom electric-assist bikes on several cycling tours – or independently; climbing Europe’s largest sand dune with its expansive panoramas; a tasting of fine brandy at Rémy Martin; and exploring castles and medieval villages. Exclusive to Scenic guests is an evening at the charming 18th-century Farm Suzanne on the Château Giscours estate in the Médoc countryside – along with a four-course dinner, Grand Cru wines and a classical concert. Other highlights of the redesigned ships include reducing the number of cabins/guest to 78/155 from the current level of 84/167 while keeping the same crew count for even greater personal service; two new 510 ft² Royal Owners Suites; larger wellness centers; and a vitality pool. The 5-star Scenic Space-Ships offer all-inclusive luxury experiences – from private butler service and unlimited complimentary beverages and spirits including mini-bar re-stocked daily, to full-size private balcony staterooms – all making use of Scenic’s unique Sun Lounge technology – where the walkout open-air balcony can convert to an all-weather lounge with a push of a button, expanding the living area of the stateroom. On-board river highlights and shore experiences are made exceptional by the included Scenic Tailormade handheld GPS guided tour system provided to every guest for use on tours or for independent exploration. On board cuisine allows for up to six dining options, including the tradition of dégustation at Table La Rive, fine dining at L’Amour and the more casual fare at the River Café. As with all Scenic river cruises, guests will never have to reach for the wallet or purse as everything is included (except a haircut or massage): tips and gratuities, expert local guides, Scenic Culinaire, all Scenic Freechoice activities that allow for a more personalized vacation, plus Scenic Enrich events which are exclusive to Scenic and its guests, transfers, all meals, etc. Scenic offers award-winning, all-inclusive escorted tours in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and elsewhere, while offering the same level of expertise and the only truly all-inclusive river cruises in Europe and the Mekong, Irrawaddy and Russia. Additional information on these and other cruises, brochures, and reservations can be obtained via travel agents or; phone (844)788-7985; or e-mail: [email protected] Brochures can also be downloaded directly from the website.last_img read more

The GrownUps Guide to Everyday Carry Essentials for Cannabis

first_img 7 Fall Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy With Cooler Weather The Best CBD Oil and Skincare Creams for Managing Pain If you’re new to the cannabis scene, visiting a head shop can be a good reason to stop before you even get started. The blown glass, the graphic art posters, the overpowering smell of incense, and the bleary, ingratiating manner of the staff member behind the counter are enough to scare a person straight.Visiting a dispensary isn’t always better. Much like walking into an Apple store, the sheer volume and variety of cannabis products can be overwhelming. You’re sure you don’t need all this stuff … but maybe you’d enjoy your marijuana more if you had it?Here’s the honest truth: Unless you’re really trying to make a lifestyle shift (and we’re guessing you’re not), you shouldn’t spend more on your smoking accessories than you do on the stuff you’re going to smoke. Just a few everyday carry essentials are all you need to enjoy a nice, relaxing smoke and all the physical and mental benefits it brings.For our favorite accessories, head here.PipePay no attention to the man in the oversized skull T-shirt. The size, shape, and material of the pipe (or bowl) you choose are simply a matter of personal taste. If you’re a new smoker, you’re probably best off with a smaller-sized pipe, which gives you more control over how much you smoke at a given time. If you’re clumsy or plan to keep your pipe in your pocket (as we all do), look for a pipe made of borosilicate glass; you’ll be protected against breakage while preserving the flavor of your smoke.BubblerA pipe is a basic cannabis necessity, but if you appreciate a smoother, creamier smoke, it’s worth investing in a bubbler. Smaller than an actual bong so you can operate them singlehandedly, these handheld water pipes have smaller chambers that let you savor the flavor of your smoke. While bubblers are bigger than the average pipe, pendant bubblers can be threaded on a string, making them easier to transport and keep track of. Look for a double-chambered bubbler for extra silky texture.Bag or JarThe classic phrase “Don’t get caught holding the bag” doesn’t apply so much now that weed has been legalized in many states. The new saying should be “Don’t get caught holding an inferior bag.” Yeah, that one needs work … but the principle remains true. While a simple Ziploc will do the job, it’s really just asking for trouble: the thin plastic can tear all too easily, and it’s not the best for protecting your bud from the elements. We prefer the pocket-sized Stasher bag, with its tough but slim profile and temperature-fast, food-grade silicone.GrinderA loose nug in your bowl is a recipe for a bad smoke and a waste of money. That’s why you need to carry a grinder. Two-part grinders are the most basic models available, featuring only a lid and a grinding compartment. Three-part grinders include a compartment for catching the ground-up weed, and four-part grinders have yet another for collecting kief, the superfine crystals from the tip of the bud. (This stuff is worth saving; when spread on the inside of a bowl or sprinkled on top of a joint, it makes the smoke extra heady.) While you can definitely find cheap plastic grinders or pretty wooden ones, metal grinders are the best choice — effective, durable, and hard to lose.Rolling PapersAlways a good idea in case you want to share a smoke without sharing what you’re smoking out of.LighterThis should go without saying. Then again, how many times have you heard the smokers around you asking each other for a light? Be a good citizen and always make sure to have a lighter on you — it’s the easiest possible way to become a hero. Many dispensaries will throw in a lighter with your purchase, but if you want to be a little more classy about it, invest in a refillable butane lighter like the classic Clipper Lighter, which includes a removable flint housing that acts as a tamping tool. Save Your Eyes from the Scourge of the Screens with the Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses for Men Editors’ Recommendations How to Smoke Meat: Everything You Need to Know The Best CBD Coffee Brands for Energy Without the Jitterslast_img read more

You Can Start Planning Your Visit to the International Space Station for

first_img Editors’ Recommendations The MNML Leather Highlander Travel Bag Makes Short-Term Trips a Breeze World’s First Luxury Space Hotel Promises Climbing Wall, Low-Gravity Basketball Courts An Astronomically Fun Chat About Space and Wine With a Winemaker and Former Physicist Thirsty? Here Are Some of the Best Accounts of Wine Instagram NASAFrom the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to a polar cruise to the ends of the Earth, with the right disposable income, well-heeled travelers can visit just about anywhere these days. The next big travel destination isn’t anywhere on Earth, however. NASA is thinking much bigger. The space agency is teasing the possibility for space tourism as early as 2020 — yes, next year.This month, NASA announced it’s expanding commercial operations aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This includes opening up the ISS to space tourism with the hope of allowing wannabe-astronauts to visit the low-earth-orbit station for up to 30 days. The plan depends on public interest, although it’s hard to imagine a shortage of one-percenters lining up for the next launch. Because NASA is outsourcing transportation to the station to SpaceX and Boeing, it’s also contingent on the availability of both companies to facilitate rides to and from the [email protected]_Station is open for commercial business! Watch @Astro_Christina talk about the steps we're taking to make our orbiting laboratory accessible to all Americans.— NASA (@NASA) June 7, 2019Both companies have always had permission to carry private citizens into space, but NASA historically maintained a strict “astronauts only” policy aboard the ISS. That meant that, even if they managed to get to space, potential passengers previously had nowhere to dock. Now, they’re committed to providing tourists with not only a place to stay but the necessary training to survive the microgravity environment of space prior to their visit.Even a fat wallet won’t be enough to secure a seat to space, however. NASA’s ISS Deputy Director confirms the trips will be extremely limited. “We’re enabling up to two commercial flights with private astronauts per year. Depending on how many seats they want to carry, that would be a dozen or so private astronauts potentially per year on the International Space Station.”The real question, though: How much will it cost? NASA’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWit said the nightly rate for accommodations aboard the ISS is approximately USD $33,750. That includes $11,250 for life support and bathroom privileges (both of which you’re probably going to want), plus another $22,500 for air, food, and medical services, which also sound like attractive offerings. Those rates don’t include the yet-to-be-announced cost required for SpaceX or Boeing to ferry passengers to the International Space Station. There’s also no word yet about the booze situation on-board or whether they’ll be accepting frequent flyer miles.Still, compared to the world’s most expensive hotel suite — the absurd, $100,000-a-night Empathy Suite at Palms Casino — it almost seems like a bargain. Pickpocket Prevention: Don’t Become a Mark While Travelinglast_img read more