200 types of Japanese beer Local Beer Bar Kaeru Cafe

first_imgLocal Beer Bar. Kaeru CafeThe “Local Beer Bar. Kaeru Cafe” is located in a very quiet area if you take a 12 minute walk form the Harajyuku Station (Yamanote Line).  Find the sign board that has a frog on it, in the small shopping street.200 types of beer from all over Japan!The “Local Beer Bar. Kaeru Cafe” is owned by a filmmaking company.  The owner of the company decided to open this bar because he had an opportunity to find different kinds of beers by visiting to different areas for filmmaking.  There are many beers that you cannot drink unless you are in the area.The only beer sold in this bar is bottled beer so that the flavor will be kept.  After drinking your bottled beer, you are more than welcomed to bring home the bottle.  The labels on the bottle is different according to the area so this will definitely make you want to collect the bottles!Beer is the only drink on the menuThere is 5 counter seats on the first floor and 10 table seats on the second floor.  Since beer is the only menu, you are allowed to order food from other restaurants or order delivery pizza.Of course, you can enjoy the beer by yourself but you can also have events in this bar.  For example, you can have a pizza party surrounded with different kinds of beer.  This bar is very simple and casual!The owner is just spectacular!Akiharasan, the owner of “Local Beer Bar. Kaeru Cafe” is a film director so he also works at a TV station and an advertisement company.  Therefore, he will tell you fun and exciting stories!  He will tell you stories about each beer and about ideas for spreading and popularizing goods from other places in Japan.By the way, if you access Akiharasan’s Facebook, you will be able to get information about music and food events, reservation situation, and upcoming movies schedule so please check!He calls himself the “Currency fetish” so he might tell stories about the time when he was the manager for a pet shop.  If you are interested, try going to the counter seat!InformationLocal Beer Bar Kaeru CafeAddress: 2-15-15, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, TokyoNearest Station: Tokyo Metro “Gaienmae Station” 10 minutes by walk/ JR Sobusen “Sendagaya Station” 10 minutes by walk/ JR Yamanote line “Harajuku Station” 12 minutes by walkTel: 03-6804-1933Hours: 5:00 P.M.~10:30 P.M. (Last order)Original HP: http://www.kaerucafe.co.jp/craftbeer/last_img read more