Enjoy Wifi in town Public wireless LAN service wi2

first_imgOn the website, you can also check for the WiFi spots near your current locationNow you are ready to use!Just go to one of the spots, connect to the Wi2 Wi-Fi from your laptop or smartphone, and enter the ID and password, then enjoy the Internet! A comfortable Internet environment!In Japan, there is a WiFi service called wi2 that can be used in buildings such as restaurants, cafes, and many of the stations.Just pay with your credit card and the no limit Internet access is only at 380 yen per month. The registration is piece of a cake.Since there aren’t many places where you can catch a free Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi itself, if you are planning to use Wi-Fi in Japan, this service is highly recommended.How to registerFirstly, you need to register at the following website.Wi2 300The registration can be explained in English, so just follow the instruction.It’s important that you keep the the log in ID and the password at the end.last_img read more