Try Spicy Delicious Taiwanese cuisine in Shibuya Reikyou

first_imgI went there on a weekday, so there were not so many people. There are 2nd floor and basement.I guess it would be crowded at dinner time and weekends.This restaurant is near Shibuya station so easy to go. If you want to eat Taiwanese cuisine, you should come here.Information麗郷 (Reikyou) Taiwanese dishAdress: 2-25-18 Dougenzaka Shibuya-ku ToykoOpen: Lunch 12:00-1400, Dinner 17:00-24:00 /weekends and holidays 12:00-24:00Close: NoWi-Fi: UnavailableCredit cards: UnavailableLanguage: English (menu)Station: Shibuya station of every lineAccess: Get out from Hachikou exit of Shibuya station, face “109” store, and enter the Dougenzaka street which is on your left. Go straight the street and turn right after “Royal Host” restaurant.Reference price: frizzed rice with crab meats(880JPY), frizzed vegetables(1200JPY),and to-fu with spicy sauce(1300JPY)Phone: 03-3461-4220Official website: by “TERIYAKI”, the Best Restaurant Guide The frizzed vegetables are wrapped up in the smell of garlic and red peppers make them nice spicy.To-fu with spicy source which is covered with Japanese pepper is so spicy and so hot that it makes us sweat.They match very well with rice.The most popular dish “Chinese sausage”Depends on where you sit, you may be able to see the kitchen and red things hanging down at the counter. This is “Chinese sausage”(840JPY), the most popular dish at this restaurant.At lunch time, there were few sausages hanging because others were still unfreezing. At dinner time, more sausages will hang and they will hide the kitchen.And lastly… Go up the 道玄坂(Dougenzaka) street in Shibuya area, turn right at the narrow way and you find a big brick building at the middle of two-way street.This is 麗郷(Reikyou) where you can enjoy Taiwanese cuisine. Its appearance is that of long standing restaurants’.Japan is a country where you can find many kinds of cuisine from all over the world. I’ll introduce “麗郷(Reikyou)”, where you can eat Taiwanese cuisine.Order various foods and share with everyoneThere are round tables in the restaurant. When people eat Taiwanese cuisine, they share several dishes. So when you come here, order various dishes and enjoy the dishes with everyone.They put English menu at the side of Japanese menu. There are no photos.If you don’t know the dish or can’t imagine what that is, ask the waiters. There are full of dishes on the menu.This time, I ordered three dishes: frizzed rice with crab meats(880JPY), frizzed vegetables(1200JPY),and to-fu with spicy sauce(1300JPY).Frizzed rice is served with a bowl of soup. Nice soft crab meats are on the rice. Eggs make rice fluffy.last_img read more