8 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers to Get Your Chilled Buzz On

first_imgIt’s hard for coffee lovers to give up their steaming cup every morning — except, perhaps, when it’s simply too hot and humid outside to drink a piping hot cup of joe without immediately sweating like you stole something. Southerners mastered the art of iced tea many summers ago, and while we’re big fans, nothing replaces java when you need your caffeine fix. Enter cold brew, a smooth and delicious take on coffee that has exploded in popularity in recent years (and for more reasons than just temperature).Cold brew isn’t just regular coffee turned cold: The cold water extraction process actually results in a very different sort of brew than typical hot water extraction, giving you a smoother, less acidic cup (or rather, glass) of coffee that refreshes you without skimping on the caffeine. Cold brew coffee is also shockingly easy to make at home — some might say even simpler than making hot brews, which are very easy to over- or under-extract — provided that you have a good cold brew coffee maker. It will save you a lot of money, to boot.We don’t need to tell you that a single cold brew from your neighborhood cafe will set you back anywhere between $5 and $9 for just twelve ounces (we also don’t need to tell you that half that volume is ice). For this reason, smart cookies just like you have been eschewing the expensive and wasteful store-bought cold brew and making their own at home for years. If your taste for cold brew has evolved beyond exchanging cold water for hot in your trusty French press, then read on: These are the eight best cold brew coffee makers to up your home barista game. Best Overall: Oxo Cold Brew Coffee MakerFor the most flavorful and aromatic cold brew coffee made right at home, it simply doesn’t get much better than the Oxo cold brew system. For the quality results it puts out, the Oxo coffee maker is pretty easy to use, and it consistently makes full-bodied and full-flavored cold brew better than the other systems we’ve tried. This is due to its great design, which utilizes a steel mesh filter and a “rainmaker” top into which you pour your cold water, which ensures even water distribution over the grounds for full extraction of all those tasty flavor molecules.The Oxo looks nice and has a small footprint on your countertop, which is also a plus. And, instead of any messy removable plug system, there’s a simple valve which you activate with a switch to dispense the finished cold brew into the 32-ounce glass carafe once it’s finished. There’s even a glass stopper so you can store your brew in the fridge for later. At $50, the Oxo is a little pricier than some of our other picks – but for a cheaper but also-great cold brew maker, read on. Portion Control: The Best Meal Prep Containers on the Market The Best Men’s Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather Editors’ Recommendations $92 from Amazon $23 from Walmart The Best Backpacking Chairs for Your Next Adventure $46 from Amazon Best Dispenser: KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee MakerIf you’re the type of planner who likes to make large batches of food and drinks in advance, then a dispenser like the KitchenAid cold brew coffee maker might be the one for you. Despite its sleek-looking brushed stainless design, this cold brew system is dead simple: A large stainless filter bowl (which is a nice sturdy steel pot instead of a chintzy mesh filter) sits inside a 28- or 38-ounce container attached to a tap that lets you dispense chilled coffee right into your glass. Add more coffee to make a concentrated brew which you add water, making your batch last even longer.The trade-off for this convenience is that the KitchenAid cold brew maker doesn’t make coffee that’s quite as strong or as aromatic as our top pick, the Oxo cold brewer, but it’s less fussy to use. Also note that the overall capacity of the KitchenAid isn’t the full amount of coffee you’ll end up with due to the steeping bowl and coffee grounds naturally displacing some of the volume, so you may want to consider splurging for the 38-ounce model. When it comes to sheer convenience, though, the KitchenAid cold brew coffee dispenser is hard to beat. Best Quick Cold Brewer: Dash Rapid Cold Brew Coffee MakerNeed your homemade cold brew yesterday? The Dash lives up to its name, cranking out 1.5 liters of cold coffee concentrate in 15 minutes or less. Just throw the grounds in the container, fill the carafe with water and turn the dial — your cold brew will be ready and chilling before you even get out of the shower. Don’t have time for a shower? The Dash can have a slightly-less-intense-but-still-effective cold brew ready for you in five.It’s just as easy to clean by simply running plain water through the system one time. The brew isn’t as strong or quite as full-flavored as that of our top pick, but with a 42-ounce BPA-free carafe, reusable filter, and dishwasher-safe construction, the Dash will make you wonder why you would ever queue up at your local cafe for a $5 beverage that took 12 hours to make. $18 from Amazon $64 from Walmart $306 from Walmart Bundle Up Right Now With the Best Sweaters for Men $17 from Amazon $50 from Amazon $60 from Amazon Premium Pick: Yama Glass Cold Brew MakerIf your choice of cold brew maker isn’t just about the beverage, but also about signaling your superior taste to the world, then we hope your place has a spacious kitchen. Otherwise, you’re going to need to knock out a cabinet or two to fit your brand new Yama cold brew coffee maker. This model is the cream of the cold brew crop, using the Kyoto method of dripping cold water into the coffee rather than simply submerging or flooding the grounds in water. Over the course of a day, the liquid passes through a permanent ceramic filter (eliminating any possibility of flavor taint) to yield the purest, richest, most fragrant cold brew you’ve ever tasted.This is definitely not a set it and forget it kind of cold brew maker — you’ll have to refill the water at least once, precisely grind your coffee, and finely calibrate your volume-to-brew time ratio. But all frustrations will melt away once the carafe begins to fill — users report that the concentrate infuses their home with the most heavenly coffee aroma. If you’re the kind of person who can drop $100 or more for a pound of coffee crapped out by a civet in Vietnam, you really shouldn’t be buying any other cold brew maker. This is the one that does your specialty coffee full justice. Best Reusable Filters: Doppeltree Cotton Cold Brew Coffee BagsYou’ve probably noticed that making cold brew coffee isn’t exactly as difficult as splitting the atom. All you need are coffee grounds, cold water, filtration, and time, with the main difference between hot and cold brewing being that cold extraction takes hours rather than minutes. You don’t need a complicated setup for this: If you only make cold brew occasionally, or if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of cold brew, then these reusable filter bags from Doppeltree are an easy and cheap way to give it a taste without buying unnecessary equipment.The Doppeltree reusable filter bags are made from organic cotton and work much like cheesecloth, allowing the extraction of tasty oils from coffee grounds while filtering out the particulate sludge. Simply fill the bag with grounds to your desired strength, place it in a container of your choice, such as a Mason jar or pitcher, and enjoy fresh cold-brewed coffee in 12 to 24 hours (the longer the better). You may eventually want to upgrade to one of our other picks, but for $17 for a two-pack, these Doppeltree cotton filter bags are a great way to give cold brew a try. $102 from Walmart The 12 Best Laptop Bags for Men Best for Concentrate: Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate BrewerThe Filtron cold brew coffee maker is one of the market’s best beloved, and that’s really saying something, considering that it looks like a plastic planter perched on top of a wine carafe. But what it lacks in sophistication it makes up for with its price-to-performance ratio: With a one-two punch of a wool and paper filter plus a second grounds guard disc, you end up with a high-quality, sediment-free cold brew that lets your specialty roasted coffee flaunt its flavor profile. Moreover, we have to say that the glass decanter on its own is pretty classy — definitely something you can proudly place on a summer brunch table (it’s more attractive than the Oxo’s Erlenmeyer flask, which looks like it was pilfered from chemistry class).Since the whole thing hides in your fridge while brewing anyway, who cares if the setup looks like you’re making worm tea in your kitchen? Nobody’s going to know. A word of warning, though. At 1.5 liters in volume and 12-16 hours processing time, the Filtron only makes cold brew batches in one size: big. $258 from Amazon $70 from Walmart Best Value: Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee MakerFor those who are strapped for cash, Japanese coffee icon Hario has you covered with a cold brew maker for less than $20. That’s roughly three to four cups purchased at your local cafe — not bad for a 33-ounce cold brew carafe. A step above steeping coffee grounds in cold water in your French press, the Hario Mizudashi includes a filter core to siphon out particles that cause bad flavor (which also means you don’t have to purchase filters for its use). When your brew is done, you can pour it right from the pitcher, and the filter can also be used to make cold brew tea and fruit-flavored water infusions.Its slim profile and silicone drip-proof gasket lid make it very compatible with high-traffic refrigerators (read: if you have a roommate). In addition to being dishwasher safe, the Hario Mizudashi is constructed in Japan, which is a good guarantee that it’s going to be well-made. Another value contender was the U.S.-made Takeya cold brew maker, but we found that the Mizudashi delivered better-tasting results for the same price. The Mizudashi’s glass carafe also looks and feels superior to the Takeya’s plastic. Best Nitro: Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit SystemAs you can see, the cold brew maker market makes a steep jump from the $50 range to the $150-plus range. That extra margin buys you extra sophistication, superior taste, and in the case of the Royal Brew keg, a glorious beer-like head on your glass of ice-cold coffee. After all, you eat (or drink) with your eyes first. The Royal Brew’s food-grade stainless steel construction means more than just formidable looks; you can take this bad boy with you anywhere. Barbecues, tailgate parties, hiking, and camping — anywhere you don’t mind lugging a five-pound machine. Meanwhile, its surprisingly compact form still manages to fit into the refrigerator door shelf. Unlike other nitro-equipped cold brew makers, there are no long tubes or multi-part setups to worry about.The advantage of the Royal brew over traditional cold brew maker models is that it uses nitro to produce a frothy, foamy head. Sure, it’s a little more complicated than your standard drip model, but it makes for a smooth, velvety mouthfeel that you won’t get anywhere else. (You know how Guinness is smooth? It’s just like that.) For those who value service as well as taste in their cold brew, this is the one for you. Better still: You can also use it for beer. $159 from Amazonlast_img read more

How to Almost Painlessly Improve Your Running

first_imgRunning is an enjoyable, exciting way to stay healthy, to help maintain your weight, and to escape a pursuing polar bear, pickpocket, or slowly collapsing building. (Polar bears hit top speed at around 18.5 miles per hour, FYI, so go ahead and sprint at your own top speed if you see one.) But while millions of people take to the sidewalks, trails, and roads for a run each and every day, many of us are doing it wrong.If you want to improve your running, increasing your speed and endurance and reducing the chance of injury, then you need to take these simple tips to heart. Or you could go get yourself a running coach — they know all about this stuff, too.Choose the Right ShoesTikkho MacielAlways choose the right shoes for the conditions. That’s trail runners for the trail, track cleats for the track, and so on. You can go with a minimalist shoe or a more traditional option, there’s plenty of latitude here, but choose a shoe designed and rated for the use at hand. And spend the time and money to find a pair that fits your foot well, creating no friction or pressure points. Your running shoe should be comfortable with minimal break-in, but don’t get too attached to those comfy new kicks, as you should replace running shoes after approximately 300 miles of use.Shorten Your StrideChances are that most strides you take when moving at faster speeds are longer than they need to be. Overly long strides needlessly tire you out and increase the possibility of an injury. Your natural stride length can be determined by leaning forward until you need to stick out one leg to arrest your fall. Think of it like this: if that’s the length of each stride, then gravity is doing much of the work. Stretch much past that, and you’re burning energy and tiring your muscles. This adjustment can take a huge difference in your endurance.Do Interval SprintsAt least three times a week, you need to hit your top speed five or six times during your run. Or actually, you should shoot for 95% output, saving that last 5% for the whole polar bear escape thing. Or a competitive race. The best way to sprint is not from a standing start, but from a jog. Increase your speed steadily until you hit that proverbial high gear, and then maintain your speed between three to five seconds. Then slow down and walk or jog it out, giving yourself a least a minute before you speed up again. Repeat these speed bursts several times a day a few days a week, and you will get faster, it’s as simple as that. (Remember to never start your workout with sprints; you need to be loose and warm, or you will hurt a muscle, pretty much guaranteed.)Don’t Skip Those Other WorkoutsThe stronger your core is, the better support the rest of your body gets. The stronger your legs are, the more power they’ll deliver and the less energy they’ll consume. It’s simple stuff, really: don’t skip the squats, the crunches, or any of the rest of it. Even if you aren’t looking to get ripped and really just love running, occasional strength training exercise is worth the time and effort. (OK, you can skip the bench press, but a few curls will help keep your arms serving as perfect counterweights.)Coming In For a LandingYour heel should not be the first part of your foot to hit the ground as you run. That needlessly shocks bones and joints with each step and is a great way to get both acute and chronic injuries. You should land on the middle of your foot, which helps distribute the “strike” evenly and also helps propel you into the next stride. Keep your feet under you to ensure proper landings; your new, shorter stride will help with this.Cut WeightNews Flash: the more you weigh, the more work it takes for your body to move you around. If you are already at a BMI that makes you happy, then disregard this point. If, however, you are relatively fit but also a bit hefty, cut calories for a while. Cutting calories is much more effective than working out harder or longer when it comes to weight loss, and once you lose some weight, your run will naturally improve because, hey, less you to carry on those legs of yours!Eat RightAlong with cutting weight comes giving yourself the proper nutrition for exercise. If you exercise regularly, then you need to get at least a quarter of your calories from protein. And make sure not to skip all carbs — especially complex carbs — as they give you the slow burn you need while running longer distances. Try to eat a small, healthy meal with plenty of protein and some carbs an hour before your run, and eat a serving of protein after, too, to help rebuild and restore. How to Build Your Own Home Gym for Under $350 Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts The Best Leg Exercises for Sculpted Calves, Quads, and More Editors’ Recommendations How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow? Tips for Growing a Beard Faster Why Your Desk Chair Matters and the 9 Best Ones to Boost Your Productivitylast_img read more

Mens Volleyball No 14 Ohio State snaps skid beats Lincoln Memorial in

Sophomore Martin Lallemand (6) hits the ball over the net at the game against George Mason on Jan. 18 at St. John Arena in Columbus. Credit: Ethan Clewell | Senior ReporterNo. 14 Ohio State picked up its first win in three matches on Saturday night, defeating the Lincoln Memorial Railsplitters in four sets. With the fourth set tied at 22, the Railsplitters returned a serve by Ohio State freshman outside hitter Jack Stevens, but sophomore outside hitter Martin Lallemand rose up to tip the ball straight down, securing a critical point for the Buckeyes. A service error handed the serve back to Lincoln Memorial, but kills by freshman outside hitter Sean Ryan and junior outside hitter Reese Devilbiss ensured a Buckeye victory, snapping a two-match losing streak. Head coach Pete Hanson said he’s seen his team have a determination to avoid dwelling on past losses and instead, focusing on how they can improve, both individually and as a team. “They didn’t feel bad about last night and bring it into tonight’s match,” Hanson said. “They just said, ‘hey, we’ve got to come out and do these things to win, this is a good team,’ and they did.” Four Buckeyes were responsible for 14 points or more: Devilbiss, Ryan, Lallemand and redshirt senior middle blocker Blake Leeson. With the second set tied at 11, kills by Leeson and Devilbiss gave the Buckeyes a three-point lead, which they’d stretch to six, winning the set 25-19. Devilbiss finished the match with 13 kills, 10 digs and an ace, but committed four attack errors. In total, Ohio State finished with 19 attack errors in the match.. Junior opposite hitter and setter Evan Cory was a key to success for the Railsplitters, leading the team offensively with 21 kills, nine of which came in the third set. Late in the third set, Lincoln Memorial rode a pair of kills by Cory to five straight points, taking a 23-19 lead. Despite three kills from Leeson and Devilbiss, the Buckeyes failed to finish off the comeback, falling 25-23. Ohio State totalled 13 kills in the third set, as well as an ace by freshman libero Parker Mikesch. Mikesch, playing as a setter for the injured senior Sanil Thomas, had two aces on the night, 53 assists and three digs. Mikesch said he was prepared to fill in as a setter, despite having very little experience playing the position. “It’s kind of tough seeing a guy like Sanil go down,” Mikesch said “But at the same time, these coaches and the whole program is all about next man up, being ready to fill a position.” The Buckeyes take on conference foe Purdue Fort Wayne at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in Fort Wayne, Indiana. read more